Slim Down Day 4

Day 4 was definitely a challenge with fighting temptation and cravings.  I was at Seppe’s Halloween party at his preschool and surrounded by candy, chips, pasta, and every possible kind of sugary sweet you can imagine.

Normally, I would have indulged in at least a couple of my favorites (pudding and cookies). What made it even harder was that it was snack time (Meal 4) while we were there and of course, I don’t have one of my handy Luna or Larabars in my purse :-( Luckily it wasn’t too long of a get together and my boys actually didn’t want to keep stuffing their faces full of sweets (I know surprising!) . It was a bit longer than usual between Meal 3 and 4 but I enjoyed my slim down shake as soon as we got home.

And Yes, even though it was my birthday today, I decided to stick to the Slim Down. No cheats :- ) The body I am working hard for is the best present I can give myself.


Meal 1: Slim Down Scramble – the one for today is my favorite because I can add sea salt :-)

Slim Down Scramble: with tomatoes, mushrooms, and spinach

M2: 1/2 grapefruit with Stevia.

M3: Salad with Spinach, Chicken, cucumbers, carrots, and 1 strawberry.  Half a Mango on the side.

Salad - Added a strawberry for a pop of color :-)

M4: Slim Down Smoothie – so yummy and refreshing.

M5: Chicken, Spinach, Peas, bell pepper and Zucchini mixed with quinoa and seasoned with sea salt. Just had a little bit of quinoa left and I needed to finish it.

I like to put my quinoa mixes in a bowl.

I consider today a big success :-) Only 3 days left!

2 thoughts on “Slim Down Day 4

  1. “The body I am working hard for is the best present I can give myself.” Now THAT is inspiration. I am thinking about doing the Slim Down next week and reading your posts is giving me the motivation I need to really commit. I tried to do it before, but I gave up after day 4. I gave in to temptations and I just quit. But seeing you get through each day and overcome some major obstacles (hello, big bowl of pasta!), I am gaining confidence that I CAN get through this and come out stronger on the other side. Thanks for being a great role model and for posting your journey. :)

    • Thank You Tammy :-) I am so happy that you enjoy my blog. I was really nervous to share my journey – especially the pictures but it has really helped me. I KNOW that if you put your mind to it YOU CAN do the slim down and get great results :-) It is tough but you will be SO proud of yourself when you finish. I am here if you have questions or need some extra support :-)

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