If you know me, you know that I am NOT a religious person. I am a firm believer that Spirituality is an Individual choice and journey. I feel religion tends to control more than guide these days. So why would some “non-believer” like me have my kids saying Grace at dinner?

Well, despite my dislike of the religious aspect of it, I believe that saying Grace teaches my boys something important: Gratitude.


To me it’s not just a Prayer. I want them to take a few moments to think about All that they Have in their Life. A few moments where they aren’t concerned about Not having some stupid toy or Not getting something they want. I want them to be Grateful for what they Have and hopefully help them realize not to take it all for granted.

It’s so easy to do. We all forget how precious and short our time really is. We are all so worried about getting the things we Don’t have we forget to appreciate what we do have…. Until its gone. For kids it’s even harder to realize because to them everything is forever :-)

I figure that by saying Grace at dinner, they can start to see that as long as we have each other, a roof over heads, food on our plates, and clothes on our backs that we have all we Need.  Even though we Dont have all that we Want, we have so much to be grateful for.


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