Beach Body Challenge Day 3

Day 3

The Last day of the Shakeology Cleanse and the First day of Turbo Fire!!

Well I made it through the Shakeology Cleanse :-) I have to say that for a cleanse – this was probably one of the easiest. I didn’t expect it to be. How could 3 shakes, two cups of green tea and two servings of fruit (which are optional) going to keep me full?  The answer: Shaekology! These shakes will fill you up just with the water and ice.  I was allowed to add fruit to my morning shake, and that made it even more filling. They have a whole bunch of  recipes they suggest and I’m sure those make it more satisfying :-)

Chocolate Shakeology Menu

I am really looking forward to trying all these recipes out. This morning I added frozen pineapple and it was amazing!!

Snack – 1 c. of cherries (had to finish them off before they went bad)

Lunch – Shakeology  – didn’t spill it this time :-) Green Tea

Dinner – Chicken salad with spinach and broccoli slaw

Dessert – Shakeology

I will continue to have 1 shake a day during the challenge.

For more information on Shakeology contact BeachBody coach April Anaya at

——————————— Turbo Fire Day 1————————————-

Today was my first day doing Turbo Fire. I knew it was going to be challenging, but I guess I really had no idea what was coming. Lol. I started by watching the Intro DVD: Get Fired Up. Chalene explains What Turbo Fire Is, Why it works, and what to expect from the classes. I learned a lot from the intro and she is really motivating. It is the first time I’ve done one of her workouts. She had me pumped and ready to go.

Intro DVD

Fire 30 w/ Stretch 10 was on the schedule for today. I chose the “New to Class” option so I could get a break down of all the moves so it was a little bit longer than 30 minutes. I could have used a break down for the warm up. lol. Right from the start it was high energy. There is a modified version you can follow which I liked because it helped me to learn the moves better. Even with the break downs, I was a little behind. I’m not all that coordinated and the moves are choreographed with the music and I got confused a few times. It was still a great workout and soooo much fun. The moves are great and the music goes so well with it. A couple more times with the break down and I should be able to get it down :-)

Fire 30 Stretch 10

Stretch 10 was a really good cool down. I have a bit of an issue with flexibility especially in my left knee so some stretches were hard. I usually don’t like to do the cool downs in workouts, but I will be doing it with this challenge. I want to make sure that I don’t injure myself and hopefully it will help with my flexibility :-)

I am wondering if this Turbo Fire is meant to be the only workout I do for the day. I can see why it would be. It wiped me out. After I was done stretching I laid down on the floor for 10 minutes before getting up.  lol. I do like to run and I usually do 2-3 small workout sessions in a day. I don’t want to overdo it so I’m taking it easy and seeing how I feel.

Today I also did Tone It Up’s Valentine’s Day workout, 40 Tummy Tucks, and a 5;30 minute plank for my Plank A Day. I challenged myself to do 2 min on my hands then did 1 min side plank each side with 30 seconds of side plank crunches. When you’re in side plank on your hands doing crunches, you can Really feel it in your obliques! Went back to plank on my hand for 1 min and did 30 seconds on my elbows. I’m on Day 8 of the 150 Day Challenge :-)

Really looking forward to my first Turbo Fire HIIT workout tomorrow!

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