Beach Body Challenge Day4

Day 4 of BeachBody Challenge

I started my day doing Tone It Up’s Valentine’s Day Workout x2. I added light weights to the first 6 exercises :-) It was a great way to wake up.

Breakfast was something that I’ve been thinking about for days.  You know when you have an idea on your mind and you’re just waiting to get it out? Yep, that was me making my breakfast. Took a couple egg whites, put it on top of Spinach and topped with sliced tomatoes and tempeh bacon. I sprinkled a little sea salt on top.

Egg White Tempeh Sandwich

I was very happy to have my Chobani Champions for my snack this morning.  Resisting the Chobani Champions every time I opened my fridge was a hard part of the cleanse. lol. The Champions are perfect for me because they are smaller portions and less sugar. I added Trader Joe’s Raw Almond Butter and Bear Naked Fit Granola.

Raw Almond Butter

Bear Naked Fit - Found it at WalMart :-)

Had a Shakeology Shake for Lunch. I couldn’t decide which recipe to try. So many choices!! I went with the Choco Raspberry because it was simple and I wanted to use up the last of my frozen raspberries. I put in a little more than a half of cup because there wasn’t much left.

Choco Raspberry Shakeology

It was sooooo good. I added ice cubes but I probably didn’t need to since the raspberries were frozen. Came out super thick – the way I like it :-)

Meal 4 was a Lemon Zest Luna bar. Wanted to have some energy for the gym.

Dinner – Tilapia w/ 1 cup of brown rice mixed with spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, and broccoli slaw.

100 oz. of water today!

——————————— Turbo Fire Day 2 —————————————

Today’s class was HIIT15/Stretch 10. I figured that this was going to be really intense – and it was! 3 Different HIIT workouts doing each 3 times in 15minutes. Insane!! lol. Thought my heart was going to come out of my chest after the first HIIT workout.  I followed the modifications because it was all a little fast for me. Not quite ready to do all those jumps but I will definitely be working on it. I was drenched in sweat even though I didn’t jump. Loved it! The Stretch 10 was the same as yesterday’s and I could feel all my sore muscles from yesterday and today. I see why tomorrow is a Rest Day.

I debated on Not doing anything else. I was worn out from the HIIT15. Ben decided to change his mind – again – and booked a last minute trip to Vegas early tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is a Rest Day for TurboFire but I was planning on having an Active Rest day. I usually do a bike ride and some booty toning exercises.  This last minute trip is going to make that difficult. I decided to hit the gym and do a 30 minute Hill program on the bike. My legs were dead from the HIIT earlier but I made it over 6 miles with the resistance up at 20 at the hardest part :-)

Gotta go Pack!

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