BeachBody Challenge Day13

I was starting to get some of my energy back. Got up and did Tone It Up’s Lean Arms and Lean Abs Pyramids for a quick bootycall workout. It was a busy day as usual for me. There was lots to do to prep for my quick trip to Sacramento.  Plus Ben and Seppe were sick. I Made time for my workouts though :-)

—————————– Turbo Fire Day 11 ——————————–


I did this in the afternoon before Gio got out of school. HIIT 15 was just as hard as the first time I did it. I like that we do different moves throughout the 1 minute work circuit. I think that helps get me through it. I’m mostly doing the low impact version. Mosly because I am taking it easy on my knees since they just started feeling better. Also because I live in apartments and I’m trying not to too loud. Although, I really don’t care because it is in the middle of the afternoon. lol. I’m hoping to work my way up to doing the jumps.


Sculpt 30 was tough, especially the moves for the biceps and shoulders. I don’t have much upper body strength. Hopefully this will help with that :-) I really focused on making the resistance hard enough so that I could get a good burn.

I ended with my PlankADay 2 min plank.


M1 – 1/3 c. Chobani 0% Strawberry  w/ 1 tbsp of raw almond butter and 1/8c of granola. This is super filling.

M2 – 2 Clementines

M3 – Shakeology with 1 tbsp of almond butter and 1/4c of blueberries, water and ice.

M4 – mini Luna bar

M5 – Whole Wheat pasta w/ EVOO, 1/4 c of parmesan cheese and 2 pieces of Panko Chicken.

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