BeachBody Challenge Day35

It was a Long day for me.  Started at 6:30a with a 3 mile run. I’m debating about having something small to eat before going on my bootycall runs. I don’t Need to eat before a bootycall run. I don’t get sick or anything, but I can tell that I don’t have the energy to go as fast as I’d like to. I still went at a decent pace though and as always, it helped wake me up. The boys were already awake and up by the time I got home so my work started right away.  And trust me getting my boys dressed, fed and ready for school takes a lot of work!

Morning Run

I did Day9 of the Mad Abs March challenge before walking Gio to school. I worked on the boys’ tball games for a little bit before taking Seppe to speech therapy. I started Tone It Up’s Friday Happy Hour Challenge of 30 squat jumps every hour at 8a.  It’s amazing how 30 reps really adds a challenge. It got my heart racing and my legs burning. I did these all day long and did my last one at 8p.

When I got back home, it was lunch time. I kept thinking I’d be able to take a nap before doing my Turbo Fire workout, but no luck.

Turbo Fire Day 33

It was Fire55EZ for me today.  The last couple times I did this, it seemed super long to me.  Yes, it is an hour long workout, but I think because I wasn’t very good at it, it seemed longer. Today, I felt like the hour went by quickly. I’ve gotten pretty good with most of the combos so I was able to really focus on my intensity and less on whether I was doing the moves right or not. Love the combo with all the kicks. I’m able to kick a little higher now too :-) I went for all the tuck jumps and star jacks today. I also did the turns – which I usually avoid because turning around throws me off. I even jumped when transitioning to the high low punches. It always impresses me to watch the people who jump and click their heels together during the jumps – gives me something to work towards :-)

I tried to get Seppe to lay down for a nap before his tball practice but it was just too noisy for him. We went to his practice, had some trouble with Gio and then dinner time.  I kept up with doing the squat jacks and ended with a 2 min plank.

30 second tummy tucks, 30 second plank jacks, 1min on elbows


M1: Maple Nut Oatmeal with Cocoa Almond Butter, chia seeds, and fresh strawberries.

M2: Frozen Grapes and Almonds. I packed extra because I knew Seppe would eat some and he did.

M3: Left over quinoa black bean mix and left over salmon

M4: Larabar

M5: Salmon burgers on top of spinach and topped with sautéed mushrooms and tomatoes with kidney beans. I only ate 1 of the salmon burgers though. Boys had Round Table pizza since Grandpa was visiting and that’s what he got for them :-/ Ben kept trying to get to me to have some saying that I’d just work it off tomorrow. But I know that if I did, I would have felt badly about stuffing my face with pizza and bread sticks. I wouldn’t have minded if it were lunch time, but I’ve been really making an effort to keep my dinners Lean, Clean and Green :-) Every time I stick with it, I feel like I have a mini victory and I know that it will help make it easier for me to continue making healthier choices in group situations.

80 oz. of water and 1 Zico. I am going to try and have 1 Zico a day :-)

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