Bikini Series Day10


May 7, 2014 –

No bootycall today. I needed to get some rest. I had a good intense workout at the gym to make up for it.

Wednesdays are always dedicated to the booty ;-) Started with a 10min warmup on the stairmaster. Legs felt it right away. Then, off to the weight room.
Leg Extensions 10 x 3 – 65lbs
Single Leg Lying Leg Curl to Lying Leg Curl – 10 x 3 20/50 – I would do 10 on each leg at the lower weight and then 10 on the higher weight
Squats on Smith Machine – 10 x 3 115
Plyo Leg Press Jumps to Single Leg Plyo Jumps on Leg Press Machine – 10 x 5 and 20 x 5 75lbs – I did the 10 jumps first then switched to single leg and alternated for 20 reps. No weight change. This burned the booty!
Followed it with Bikini Cardio on the treadmill. This was tough. My legs were tired and I wanted to stop so many times. I hardly ever do anything longer than 30mim on the treadmill. It was definitely a mental battle. I felt good when I was done and I’m glad it finished. I was pretty worn out afterwards.

I came home, showered and relaxed for a little bit. Boys get out early on Wednesdays so I didn’t have too much “free” time. Dealing with Gio’s bad behavior at school put a damper on my day. I don’t know what to do with him sometimes.

Couldn’t wait to go to volleyball to get away. It was a rough night. My team only won out first couple games and then lost the rest of the night :-( I could serve overhand again but my passing was horrible. It frustrated me. I’ll have to practice so I can be better. Passing is the most important thing in volleyball.

Did my plank and 2 rounds of Surfers Paradise when I got home.

Meals –
M1: eggs/egg whites, banana and strawberries
M2: Zico and cherries
M3: quinoa, broccoli and turkey meatballs
M4: Chk and string beans and Broccoli Beef
M5: PerfectFit Bar

My meals were too far apart today. Ben has surgery tomorrow for his stomach so he won’t be able to eat solids for a while. He wanted to have some Chinese for dinner. I was able to stay away from the rice and ate as much of the green beans and broccoli. I met my water goal :-)

Took time out to look over my goals. I think I’m happy with them right now so I’m not changing anything. I spent some time visualizing and seeing myself accomplishing them. I am a bit stressed over Gio’s behavior and Ben’s surgery. I took time to meditate. I focused on my breathing and let go of the stress – at least for a little while. Focusing on positive thoughts.

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