Bikini Series Day11


I’m writing this tonight in the hospital. Ben had surgery this morning. All went well and he is recovering. He will be here overnight and probably tomorrow too. Even though he is still sleeping most of the time, I don’t want him to be all alone.

My day has revolved around Ben being in the hospital. I was able to get up early and get a run in before having to get the boys up early to drop Ben off. Took the boys to Starbucks for breakfast since we had 30min before they had to be at school. Then I went back to the hospital to wait with Ben. His surgery was suppose to start at 9:15a – he had to be there at 7:45a. They came in around 9a and said there was a 45min delay… We didn’t see anyone again until almost 11! He finally got taken to the OR at 11:30a. I went home and did 3 rounds of Kat’s Kettlebell workout. I used the 20lb Kettlebell for all the exercises except for the plank rows because it was too tall. I guess now that I think about it I could have elevated my plank. Oh well. Next time.

I cleaned up the house then went back to the hospital to wait for Ben to get out of surgery. I wanted to make sure I was there to talk to the doctor. I was so relieved when he told me that everything went well. Ben’s hernia was pretty big and was actually in his chest. This should be the last time he will need this procedure. Hoping this motivates him to get healthy.

After talking with the doctor, I had to go pick up the boys from school. I had just enough time to eat lunch in the car before they got out. Gio had baseball lessons right after school. By the time his lesson ended, Ben’s dad had arrived and we met him for dinner at Red Robin. Then, we headed to the hospital to visit Ben and see if he had woken up yet.

The boys left him notes telling them they love him and hope he feels better soon. They were both very good and stayed quiet so Ben could rest.

Took the boys home and had them finish homework. I tucked them in, did my plank, and now I’m back at the hospital. It’s been a long day. But I’m glad I was able to squeeze in a quick workout.

Meals –
M1: banana and Starbucks spinach gets wrap
M2: Larabar
M3: Half a Sandwich frm Mr. Pickles and strawberries. This was actually left over from a lunch Ben bought yesterday.
Skipped M4 :-(
M5: California Chk Sandwich at Red Robin lettuce wrapped with no mayo. I usually get it with no cheese but I didn’t realize that it came with cheese.
Confession time: Gio ordered a mid pie for dessert and I had a few bites. It was like a drug hitting my system because after that fest bite, I wanted more! I think part of it was also me dealing with the stress from my day. I’ll work extra hard tomorrow!
Didn’t make my water goal either :-(
Water is always the first thing I drop the ball on when my day gets hectic. I need to set alarms during the day to remind me to drink water.

Sunset Challenge: Stop, Drop & Make a List for all the things I’m grateful for:
– Modern medicine for being able to save Ben’s life.
– Ben the love of my life and my dream come true.
– My boys: even though they drive me crazy, they are my world and make me a better person.
– My mother for her sacrifices to give me a better life than she had
– My dad who raised me and my brother as his own
– My second mom, Chris who helped me get through high school
– ToneItUp for helping me change my life and get healthy and fit
– Every sunrise that shows me that there is always a new day and a new opportunity
– My grandparents for being an example of everlasting love and how I hope my marriage will be
– All my tiusisters who motivate me everyday
– social media that helps me connect to friends and family all around the world
– My brother and all those in the military who fight for our freedoms
– All my friends. Each and every one has taught me something and has touched my heart.

I think we spend a lot of time focusing on things we don’t have. Taking time out to make a list like this helps me realize that there is so much I already have and am grateful for. I could go on with my list. As crazy as Life gets for me, I am happy :-)

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