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A Long Run

BeachBody Day82

Thursday is now my long run day. I’m still trying to get use to it. I didn’t sleep well last night so I was glad to have a break from my bootycall workouts. Got up, ate breakfast and then got the boys ready for school.

Not my best run, but I did it.

I wanted to head out no later than 10a so I had plenty of time to do my run before picking Seppe up form school. It was a rough run for me. I wound up having to go pee after the first mile :-/ Stopped at the boys tball park. I had a cramp for most of the first half of the run. I had to slow way down before it finally went away. I just kept telling myself to breathe and to keep running. It was hard to pick my speed back up once I slowed down. My knees started to really hurt the last couple miles. I felt like I hurt everywhere. My hamstrings were still really sore and so was my booty. My shoulders felt tight and my feet ached. Basically I was very uncomfortable. But I managed to complete my 9.3 mile run. The run took a lot out of me. I was soooo tired when I got home and I still had my TurboFire to do :-/

Turbo Fire Day 80– I didn’t know how I was going to do Fire45EZ but I made myself do it. I gave it every bit of energy I had left. I’m glad that there are no fire drills in this one because I doubt I would have survived a HIIT drill. I followed it with Stretch10 which felt amazing. My legs really needed a good stretch.

As much as I wanted to do the BikiniSeries challenge for today, I really had nothing left after my TurboFire workout. I will be doing the HIIT and Ab workouts tomorrow :-)

I did do a 2min plank for PlankADay before bed.

Broke this up into 30sec: plank, side plank (each side), plank.

M1: MapleNut Oatmeal w/ unsweetened almd milk, almd butter, blueberries and chia seeds.
M2: Luna bar
M3: Chocolate Shakeology w/ Chocolate Zico, spinach, mango and pineapple.
M4: Dark Choc cherry cashew Kind bar
M5: Panko Chicken with left over grilled eggplant and zucchini.

Leftover grilled veggies don’t look as good but still tasted great :-)

80 oz water and 2 Zicos

Hair Affair

When I was a teenager, I spent a lot of time on my hair. My hair is naturally wavy, curly, and frizzy but it’s not super kinky. It always felt like it didn’t know what it wanted to do. So I straightened it, Every Day. My dad wouldn’t get me any flat irons so I used a blow dryer and my curling iron. I would get up super early in the morning so that I had enough time to make my hair “presentable” by my standards. If I didn’t have enough time, it would go in braids or a pony tail. It took forever to do my hair because it was long. “We want what we don’t have” and I didn’t have straight, shiny, silky hair like my sister. When I was out on my own and had the money, I bought a flat iron. Needless to say, I was not kind to my hair.

It wasn’t until I became a mother and found AndreasChoice on YouTube, that I came to accept my hair as it is. Having two boys doesn’t give me a lot of time to do much of anything. Now I only straighten my hair once in a while, usually for a special night out. On a daily basis, I leave it to do it’s crazy natural thing. I’ve tried a lot of products to help tame the frizz and help define the curls, and the best by far has been BubbleBabez’s Whipped Body Mouse. It makes my curls look great and helps it from becoming a frizz ball. The best part is that my hair smells Amazing all day long!

I’ve learned to love my hair. I take much better care of it now. I focus on keeping it healthy. When I style it, I make sure to use Heat Protectant. My faves are from CHI and Tresseme. I laugh at how I use to be but we do Lots of silly things when we’re young.

Beach Body Challenge Day12

Turbo Fire Day 10

Rest Day from Turbo Fire Workouts

Even though it was a rest day on my Turbo Fire schedule, I still did a workout. Wednesdays are usually the days I hop on my bike and ride to the park to do Tone It Up’s Stair Circuit. Hump day is when I like to focus on working my booty :-) But I had to change it up for this week.

I knew that I would traveling again on Friday to celebrate my dad’s birthday. I wanted to get my long run in so I decided to do it Wednesday.  I went for a 6.5 mile run. I did it in 57 min :-) I felt great on my run.  I think it helped that I went in a different direction. My knees didn’t bother me at all.  Enjoyed a cold Chocolate Zico when I got home :-)

My Mantra to help keep me going

Post Run Treat - Chocolate Zico - The Best!

Long runs take a lot out of me so I decided that I wouldn’t do anything else besides a 2 min plank for my PlankADay.  I did a long stretch after my run. My knees got a little stiff through out the day but not nearly as bad as they use to get.


M1: oatmeal with almond butter and half a banana. Wanted to fuel up for my run.

M2: mini Luna bar – had this a half hour before I went for my long run.

M3: Snapea Crisps.

M4: Almond coconut Kind Bar

M5: Shakeology with water and ice