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Day7 JustFabulous Favorite Things

As much as I love an amazing and sexy high heel, I am all about comfort on most days. Just Fabulous’ Laden is a comfy flat with some style.

Just Fabulous Laden

Chasing after two boys and dealing with Kindergarteners 3X a week is a lot easier with these on. I can keep up with my busy schedule and my feet will look fabulous.  I love the cap toe  with pyramid studs.  If you know me, then you know I Love all things with studs :-)  It also comes in  silver and leopard print colors. Pair with a LBD and you can dance the night away. For a comfy casual look with some attitude pair it with some colored skinnies and a sweater.

Check Out Laden and other great flats at JustFab.com.

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This is the last day of the Just Fabulous Favorite Things posts. Hope you all have enjoyed my picks for the holiday season. Although I don’t have the items that I’ve posted this week, I plan on adding them to my collection soon. I will be doing more posts on my shoe collection :-)  Happy Shopping my fellow Shoe Lovers!

Day6 JustFabulous Favorite Things

My favorite color is Red. How can I not rave about Just Fabulous’  glamorous red bootie Desdemona?

Just Fabulous Desdemona


Red, high heels, and sequins! What more could I ask for? It does also come in black, but I think the Red just steals the show.  You can definitely dress up any outfit just by slipping into these :-)

They are part of the Just Fabulous Holiday Collection. You can find Desdemona and other great shoes on JustFab.com along with purses and accessories to help pull off a great look for the holidays.

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Day5 JustFabulous Favorite Things

Cold weather makes it boot season! Just Fabulous has so many great boots. I am obsessing over Alden.

Just Fabulous Alden


It’s such a pretty bootie. I love the lace, studs and buckle. Feminine and edgy at the same time. Pair with a cute skirt, solid sweater and moto jacket or leather skinnies and a girly tunic top :-) It’s a high heel but has a good size platform to help make it easier to walk in. I just have to get this.

Check out Alden and other great boots on Just Fabulous’s website.

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Day1 JustFabulous Favorite Things

Doing Just Fabulous’s Favorite Things this week.  I’ll be posting one of my favorites everyday this week :-) Today is Noveen:

Just Fabulous Noveen Peep-Toe Pump

Just Fabulous Noveen Peep-Toe Pump

I absolutely love this sexy and sparkly pump. It has all the things I love: high heels, lace, and rhinestones. This is perfect for those holiday parties. Wear with any sexy dress or some skinnies and a dressy top. This is definitely on the top of my Wish List :-)

Check out Noveen and the rest of Just Fabulous’ Holiday Collection here: http://www.justfab.com/index.cfm?action=shop.viewproduct&displayVideoTab=1&tab=shoe&featured_product_location_id=285&product_id=311896&psrc=Collections_Holiday_Collection&master_product_id=311887&original_master_product_id=311887

Make sure to also follow JustFabulous on Twitter @JustFabOnline and Like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/justfab?fref=ts

Check back tomorrow for another one of my Favorite Things :-)

BeachBody Challenge Day21

My schedule was thrown out of whack a bit today.  For those that don’t know, Ben is an avid shoe collector – mostly Jordans. This week there was a release of a super limited shoe called the Galaxy Foams.  Hours of standing in line got Ben a chance to get one of only 15 pairs being sold in the bay area. I had agreed to help him get other shoes in the Galaxy series.  The late nights and super early mornings completely wrecked my sleep. I was up at 4a so we could be in line by 5a and waited an hour before they allowed us in. Fortunately, they had a good set up that allowed only people with wristbands inside. I brought a Luna bar and my water so I wouldn’t miss breakfast.

4 of the 12 pairs of shoes bought :-/

I was hoping to get some sleep when we finally got done around 8a. Grandma decided to take us out for breakfast at IHop before heading back home.  I did my best to find something healthy for me to eat and stuck with water to drink. At first I thought that I wouldn’t get any chance to rest because I had to take Seppe to speech therapy.  Luckily, Ben came home and took him so I could sleep for a couple hours.  It wasn’t the best sleep because I woke up thinking I missed Seppe’s therapy session. You know how hard it is to go back to sleep when you wake up all panicky? Yep that was me. lol.

I got up from my nap and ate a mini Luna bar and drank some water.  I needed to get my run in before picking Gio up from school.  Today I wanted to get to 7 miles. I had about an hour and 15 min to get my run done.  I honestly didn’t think I’d do all that well on this run because I was still feeling tired after my nap. I just hoped that I’d be able be back in time.  I did my best and was surprised that I was able to run 7 miles in just over an hour.

7 Mile Run w/ Nike+

———————————- Turbo Fire Day 19 ———————————

I originally thought that I was suppose to do Fire55EZ today, but when I logged onto teamBeachBody.com, I noticed that it said showed that Fire45EZ was on the schedule. I checked my printed schedule and yep – it was Fire45EZ.  I’m glad I checked because it would have been the second time I missed this workout.

Fire45 EZ

This was really fun.  Loved the combos.  I realized why the EZ is in the title – no fire drills :-) The combos were long though and I was sweating like crazy.  I chose the New to Class Option for the breakdowns.  I didn’t do too badly. I definitely picked up all the moves faster.  I did get lost a couple times though. I think it was because I was worn out from the long run and there would just be moments I’d forget what I was suppose to be doing.  I gave it my all and I was completely worn out at the end.

I’ve decided that while I’m doing this Turbo Fire challenge, I will be moving my long run days to Wednesdays – my Turbo Fire rest days.  I will be making my runs longer and longer in prep for my Big Sur race in April and my half marathon in September. I think it’ll just be overdoing it to do Both a long run and Turbo Fire.  Plus, I want to be able to give Turbo Fire my all physically and mentally.

Ending with a 2min plank for PlankAday.

Meals: A little off from my usual because I was out and about a lot, but I made sure to get 5 meals in.

M1 – Luna bar and water.

M2 – IHop Simple and Fit Whole Wheat French Toast combo – it was topped with banana and came with scrambled egg substitute, and 2 pieces of turkey bacon.  I put very little of the Old Fashioned syrup on top of the French Toast. I didn’t mind having a bigger meal because I wanted to fuel up for my run.

M3 – This was a little bit later than I would have liked – had it after my run. White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cliff Bar and Chocolate Zico

M4 – I couldn’t find my olive tapenade :-( otherwise I would have had Nut thins with it. I decided to have Snapea Crips (which I had measured out into individual serving sizes ahead of time) and Chunky Olive Hummus from Trader Joes.

M5: Left over Chicken and Zucchini with a piece of Panko Chicken.  We needed to get rid of all the leftovers.

Chicken and Zucchini w/ Panko Chicken

I also had a Zico while on my run and had 70 oz. of water.

Wild for Aleeka

I was so excited when Aleeka arrived.  I immediately fell in love with them when I saw them in my boutique and I loved them even more in person.  They are absolutely Fabulous!! The Leopard print is sexy and flirty. They fit me perfectly. I got my usual size 6.5. They are going to look great with a pair of skinny jeans or a mini dress. Aleeka also comes in a grey color that will look great for an office look.  I am loving JustFabulous.com!

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