BeachBody Challenge Day28

Yesterday WordPress decided to suspend my blog :-( Apparently, I had violated their Terms of Service but I wasn’t given any information on How my blog did so. This was so upsetting to me. I wasn’t sure what I would do if they didn’t reactivate my blog. Yes, this stressed me out a lot! I’ve worked so hard on my blog for the past year. It would have been heartbreaking to lose everything. I contacted them right away but wasn’t expecting to hear back from them until their support team was back on the 6th. I was extremely happy to get an email this morning telling me that it had been a mistake due to their Auto Spam filter and that my blog was active again :-)

I had actually written this post last night so I wouldn’t have to try to remember everything. My short term memory isn’t all that great these days. lol. I blame it on the boys and lack of sleep.

So here is how Day28 went for me:

Today went pretty well. It’s the first Friday in a while where I didn’t do a long run. It was kind of weird. Lol. It was also the first day I was able to go out for a run again first thing in the morning.  I love that it is light enough outside at 6:30a that I can go run. My favorite bootycall workout is running. It really helps me wake up. I don’t worry about my speed this early in the morning.  I go on an empty stomach so I don’t have much fuel for a Fast run. I do try to run a good pace though. I do 3 miles and it’s perfect because I get back at the time I need to wake the boys up for school.

—————— Turbo Fire Day 26 —————-

I wound up doing a bunch of errands for most of the day. I finally got a chance to do my Turbo Fire 55EZ after picking Gio up from school.  I did so much better this time around.  I did the tuck jumps during the fire drills! I think I even got higher this time. I can really tell the difference when I’m going all out during the workouts. I’m out of breath most of the time :-) And it’s easier to crank up the intensity when I know the moves. This one has a lot of kicks. I had to take it easy on my left side because my knee wasn’t feeling to strong when I kicked.  I’m being careful and listening to my body so I can avoid getting injured. I want to be able to complete the Turbo Fire challenge and continue training for my half marathon.

I followed it with a quick M100. I beat my time by 10 seconds :-) And that was after a kick butt Turbo Fire class. The burpees are the hardest part for me. As much as I dislike burpees, they are really good for getting the heart rate up.

My new personal best for the M100's :-)

I also did the Tone It Up Happy Hour Challenge of 30 Lunges every hour.  I did miss a few hours but I made it up by doing several sets of 30 at one time.  I started at 8a and ended at 7p.  Doing my PlankADay (2min) and that’ll be it for me.

Meals –

M1: Maple Nut Oatmeal with unsweetened chocolate almond butter, cocoa almond butter (1/2 tbsp) and chia seeds. I really love adding chia seeds to my breakfasat.

A Very yummy breakfast. I couldn't even taste the Chia seeds.

M2: On the go – Zico and Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna bar with grapes. Zico and a Luna bar is my absolute favorite snack to have. I only had half of my Luna bar and grapes because Seppe decided that he was hungry and wanted me to share with him.

My Favorite Snack - only got to eat half the Luna bar.

Seppe took the other half of my Luna bar and ate most of my grapes.

M3: Same as yesterday – quinoa and veggie pasta with lemon pepper chicken.

M4: Larabar and handful of homemade trailmix.

M5: Panko chicken and broccoli. This is a favorite with my family. It’s a healthy version of chicken nuggets or chicken tenders. I think I’ll have to make this in bulk and freeze it so I don’t have to make it All the time. lol.

80 oz. of water.

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