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BeachBody Challenge Day49

What a Long day! I could have really used a nap today. Today was Gio’s last day before his 3 week Spring Break :-/ I will have to change up my routine a little bit and hopefully I will get a week break with them at Grandmas – fingers crossed. lol.

Day Started at 6a – Bootycall: Day 23 of Mad Abs March – 36 pushups, 44sec side plank, and 46 crunches + MiyaTv Beach Workout with Tone It Up – 20 reps eachX3 sets. Used 6lb. medicine ball during lunges and 5lb. weights for dead lifts.

Self Magazine & Tone It Up Drop10 Diet Inch Eraser HIIT workout. Incline set at 3 during the workout and at 5 during the cool down. Jogging pace was 6.5mph and Sprint pace was 8-8.2 mph. The last few 90 sec sprints were tough.

Tone It Up and Self Magazine's Drop10 Challenge :-) Join Now!

Week1 Workout2 - Inch Eraser 90 sec Sprint/ 3min jog Repeat 6X with 5min cool down

Tone It Up’s Friday Happy Hour Challenge – 40 of your Favorite Exercise Every Hour! – I chose to do tummy tucks :-) Started at 9a ended at 10p. Missed a couple hours but made them up by adding an extra set the following couple hours.

Turbo Fire Day 47 – Did this a lot later than I usually do. Fire55EZ is a long workout but I went all out today.  I had an audience with Ben and the boys watching me the whole time :-/ Lol. I felt like I jumped really high during the tuck jumps today! I could feel my feet actually leave the ground :-) Tuck jumps are super hard for me so I’m really happy that I’m improving.

That pretty much wiped me out. Ending with a 2 min plank.


M1: Leftover protein pancake with almond butter, banana, and cinnamon with a side of fruit salad.

Last protein pancake and fruit bowl.

M2: 1/4 c. of Dark Choc Almonds – on the go.

M3: Finally tried the Avocado Egg Salad from Self Magazine Drop10 menu. It was soooo good!! I only used plain Chobani Greek yogurt and mustard. I haven’t had a whole egg in a while but it was nice to have it again. I like that it only calls for one egg.  My 5 yr. old loved it and wants it for lunch tomorrow so it’s definitely a keeper :-)

Avocado Egg Salad from Drop10 Diet Menu

M4: Post workout shake – Chocolate Shakeology with almond butter and frozen blueberries. Seppe decided to drink a good portion of it too. lol. He loves Chocolate Shakeology.

~ While at Seppe’s practice, I got a little hungry. I reached in my bag for a power bar but got an almond Snickers bar. It’s been in there for about a month. lol. I decided to eat it :-) I haven’t had a candy bar in a Long time and I needed some “happy” food.

M5: Didn’t have anything prepped for dinner and I was super tired.  Ben wanted Panda and got some for him and the boys. I went for some Trader Joe’s Turkey Chili with Beans. The can is 2 servings so I just had half so I only had 1 serving :-) It was  actually very filling and yummy.

Trader Joe's Turkey Chili with Beans

80 oz. water and 1 Zico.

BeachBody Challenge Day42

This is a few days late because I took a little break from blogging. I needed it.  I’m always on the move – always having to do something.  There is always so much to do and very little time to do it all. Life can easily pass us by without us even knowing it. So as much as I wanted to blog, edit videos, and do more workouts, I put on the breaks.  My brother came for a short visit and seeing as I haven’t seen him since before he was deployed to Afghanistan and that I have no idea when I’ll see him again because he’s moving to Texas, I decided to spend my Friday night hanging out with him :-)

The boys with their Uncle PJ :-)

I don’t see my family much. Not because I don’t want to – it’s just how we are. We’re all very independent from one another. At one time, I did wish we were different and more like families who saw one another regularly. But I’ve come to accept how my family is. It’s not that we don’t love each other.  This is just how we are.  We value the time we do spend together and know that we can count on one another when we need help. Now if only certain people could accept how my family works and stop trying to change that. Lol.

My brother didn’t arrive until dinner time Friday so I got most of workouts done before he arrived.

Bootycall was Day16 of Mad Abs Marc: 34s side plank, 32 crunches, and 27 pushups (all on my feet – and yes it was very hard for me)

ToneItUp’s SandCastle Workout – 20 reps each X3 sets with 5lb. weights.

3 Mile run – only got rained on a little bit on the way back.

After my 3 mile run heading up 4 flights of stairs.

Turbor Fire Day40 – Fire55EZ: I’m liking this one more and more every time I do it :-) Probably because I’m able to do almost every move correctly now. I’m really pushing myself – especially during the fire drills.  Doing all the tuck jumps and star jacks.

Happy Hour Challenge – 1 min plank every hour from 8a – 10p. Missed one at 7p so I did a 2min at 8p to make up for it.

8a Plank

9a Plank

10a plank - had to do it a little early.

11a Plank - running a little late.

12p Plank

1p Plank

2p Plank

3p Plank

4p Plank

5p Plank

6p Plank

2min plank for 7p and 8p

9p Plank

Last Plank for the Happy Hour Challenge

























Meals – Did pretty good. I made a special dinner for my brother with Lumpia and pot stickers, but I made a lean dinner for myself.

M1: Chobani Honey with granola and almond butter.

My quick go to Breakfast - Chobani, granola and almond butter.

M2: Luna bar.

M3: I was craving some protein pancakes so I made some :-) These wound up being the best ones I’ve ever made. I wound up using a whole banana because it was a little over ripe but I think that helped it turn out so well.  Topped with a small amount of cocoa almond butter. I just put enough on so that the strawberry slices had something to stick to.

Batter turned blue after adding frozen blueberries.

Made 3 smaller pancakes instead of 1 big one.

They turned out perfect!

I only ate 2 - topped with cocoa almond butter and strawberries.

M4: Almond Nut Thins with olive hummus and olive tapenade.

Nut Thins w/ Hummus and Olive Tapenade

M5: Left over Salmon and asparagus w/ quinoa.  I did enjoy 2 pieces of lumpia with my brother. Keeping myself to 2 was hard because I Love lumpia. Luckily my brother ate a lot of it so there wasn’t much left.

Salmon, asparagus and quinoa.

80 oz. of water and 1 Zico.

BeachBody Challenge Day28

Yesterday WordPress decided to suspend my blog :-( Apparently, I had violated their Terms of Service but I wasn’t given any information on How my blog did so. This was so upsetting to me. I wasn’t sure what I would do if they didn’t reactivate my blog. Yes, this stressed me out a lot! I’ve worked so hard on my blog for the past year. It would have been heartbreaking to lose everything. I contacted them right away but wasn’t expecting to hear back from them until their support team was back on the 6th. I was extremely happy to get an email this morning telling me that it had been a mistake due to their Auto Spam filter and that my blog was active again :-)

I had actually written this post last night so I wouldn’t have to try to remember everything. My short term memory isn’t all that great these days. lol. I blame it on the boys and lack of sleep.

So here is how Day28 went for me:

Today went pretty well. It’s the first Friday in a while where I didn’t do a long run. It was kind of weird. Lol. It was also the first day I was able to go out for a run again first thing in the morning.  I love that it is light enough outside at 6:30a that I can go run. My favorite bootycall workout is running. It really helps me wake up. I don’t worry about my speed this early in the morning.  I go on an empty stomach so I don’t have much fuel for a Fast run. I do try to run a good pace though. I do 3 miles and it’s perfect because I get back at the time I need to wake the boys up for school.

—————— Turbo Fire Day 26 —————-

I wound up doing a bunch of errands for most of the day. I finally got a chance to do my Turbo Fire 55EZ after picking Gio up from school.  I did so much better this time around.  I did the tuck jumps during the fire drills! I think I even got higher this time. I can really tell the difference when I’m going all out during the workouts. I’m out of breath most of the time :-) And it’s easier to crank up the intensity when I know the moves. This one has a lot of kicks. I had to take it easy on my left side because my knee wasn’t feeling to strong when I kicked.  I’m being careful and listening to my body so I can avoid getting injured. I want to be able to complete the Turbo Fire challenge and continue training for my half marathon.

I followed it with a quick M100. I beat my time by 10 seconds :-) And that was after a kick butt Turbo Fire class. The burpees are the hardest part for me. As much as I dislike burpees, they are really good for getting the heart rate up.

My new personal best for the M100's :-)

I also did the Tone It Up Happy Hour Challenge of 30 Lunges every hour.  I did miss a few hours but I made it up by doing several sets of 30 at one time.  I started at 8a and ended at 7p.  Doing my PlankADay (2min) and that’ll be it for me.

Meals –

M1: Maple Nut Oatmeal with unsweetened chocolate almond butter, cocoa almond butter (1/2 tbsp) and chia seeds. I really love adding chia seeds to my breakfasat.

A Very yummy breakfast. I couldn't even taste the Chia seeds.

M2: On the go – Zico and Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna bar with grapes. Zico and a Luna bar is my absolute favorite snack to have. I only had half of my Luna bar and grapes because Seppe decided that he was hungry and wanted me to share with him.

My Favorite Snack - only got to eat half the Luna bar.

Seppe took the other half of my Luna bar and ate most of my grapes.

M3: Same as yesterday – quinoa and veggie pasta with lemon pepper chicken.

M4: Larabar and handful of homemade trailmix.

M5: Panko chicken and broccoli. This is a favorite with my family. It’s a healthy version of chicken nuggets or chicken tenders. I think I’ll have to make this in bulk and freeze it so I don’t have to make it All the time. lol.

80 oz. of water.