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My 2012 Recap

Now that 2013 is here,  I wanted to take a look back on 2012.  It was an amazing year! So much happened. I definitely learned a lot about myself this past year. And it went by so fast!

We had a lot of family fun this year:

Camping at Hatcreek – This is a special place for our family and I Love that I can share this wonderful place with my boys. I’m also very grateful that they got to spend time with their great grandpa who has had such a big influence on the person I am today.

Hatcreek 2012

Fishing Trip to Eagle Lake – so proud of the boys for waking up at 3:30 in the morning for three days straight and toughed out 5-6 hours of fishing.  Seppe wound up being the one to catch not one but 2, fish.

Eagle Lake 2012

San Francisco Zoo with our close friends the McCauley’s – the boys had so much fun. It was everyone’s first time to the SF zoo.

SF Zoo 2012

Great America w/ season passes – we enjoyed having the McCauley’s join us and we went back many times until the season ended.

Great America 2012

TBall for the Boys (Seppe’s 1st year, Gio’s 2nd) Seppe was on the Mets and Gio was a Pirate this year.

Seppe's 1st Season of TBall

Seppe’s 1st Season of TBall

Gio's 2nd Season of Tball

Gio’s 2nd Season of Tball

Disneyland and Universal Studios Vacation – 3 days of Disney and 1 day at Universal. Seppe enjoyed every minute of it. Gio was only happy when he was on a ride. He did not like waiting. lol.


Vegas Trip for Benny and Me

Vegas 2012

Berkley Shoe Camp Out (first and last!)

Berkley CampOut

We had a scary moment in March when Ben wound up in the hospital. He came close to dying but we were so fortunate that the doctors were able save him. It really helped put things in perspective for me and made me appreciate just how precious life is.


For my Personal Fitness, I achieved so many goals and went well pass what I thought I was going to when the year started. I learned that I can always push myself harder.

Completed BeachBody Turbo Fire Challenge

Left - Day1 of BB TurboFireRight - Day after the Last Day

Left – Day1 of BB TurboFire
Right – Day after the Last Day

Fist 10K (Gio’s first 1/2 mile race)

Capital City Classic 10K

Capital City Classic 10K

Big Sur 9miler (w/ Aunt and Sister)

Big Sur 9Miler

Big Sur 9Miler

Disneyland Half Marathon (mini vacation w/ Benny) – first half marathon

1st Half Marathon

1st Half Marathon

NWM Half

Second Half Marathon 6weeks later

Second Half Marathon 6weeks later

Thanksgiving Run To Feed the Hungry  (w/ the family) – beat my time from last year :-)

Family Fitness on Thanksgiving

Family Fitness on Thanksgiving

Tone It Up’s Bikini Series and 3 rounds of the 5DSD – followed TIU Nutrition Plan for most of the year (slightly went off track at Christmas)

Progress throughout my 1st year on the ToneItUp Nutrition Plan after BikiniSeries

Progress throughout my 1st year on the ToneItUp Nutrition Plan after BikiniSeries

Started playing volleyball again :-)

Volleyball every Wed from 7-10

Volleyball every Wed from 7-10

I had so much fun in 2012. It’s been the happiest and healthiest so far.   And I can’t wait for More in 2013!

BeachBody Challenge Day23

Gotta say that today was much better than yesterday :-)  I was very happy Not to hear my alarm at 4a And Yes! I took advantage and slept in.  It felt amazing. When I got up I was ready to have a great day. Since I had slept in, I decided to have something small to eat before going for my run.  I’m usually fine running on an empty stomach but I’ve found that I do better (and feel better) if I have something small when I get up late.

It was a windy and overcast day – typical bay area weather. We took the boys to the park to practice on some of their tball skills.  Seppe definitely needs the extra practice and Gio just needed to use up some energy.  It is definitely challenging with Seppe but the main thing we want is for him to do is Try.  He his easily discouraged and quick to give up. We are trying really hard to help him understand that as long as he tries His best, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t do it perfectly.  I got a little bit of exercise in running after the balls and throwing back and forth with Gio. It was just nice to have all of us together.

Daddy helping Seppe bat

Gio practicing his hitting

—————————- Turbo Fire Day 21 —————————–

I ran a 5k for my bootycall – beat my last time by 10 seconds. It feels like it is getting harder and harder for me to improve my times. I get excited when it’s even by a few seconds. lol. It was cold at first because of the wind, but I warmed up quickly.

Sunday Runday with my Tone It Up LongSleeve

Today was Fire55 EZ.  This one had fire drills so I’m not really sure what makes it EZ. I went straight to class but I think I should have chose the New to Class option because I was lost quite a few times.  I did do the tuck jumps during the fire drills. Gotta work on getting my knees higher. I tried to do the jump during the high low punches but it threw me off so I just stuck with doing the punches.  The boys interrupted a few times so I had to pause a few times. I tried to do it during the transitions or breaks.

It’s a long class with 3 fire drills so I was pretty worn out at the end. I want to get to bed early tonight because I have to be up early to take Ben to work tomorrow so I ended with a 5 min plank – 1 min on elbows, 1 min on hands (with 30 seconds of tummy tucks), 1 min side plank (with 30 seconds of side crunches) each side, 1 min on hands (30 seconds of each leg being raised off the ground).

Meals –

M1: Mini Luna bar and water

M2: Oatmeal with almond milk and almond butter

Oatmeal I Get from Safeway - need to get more.

MultiGrain Raisin with Almond Milk and Almond Butter

M3: Left over whole wheat pasta with spinach and turkey red sauce. Pasta always tasted even better after a couple days in the fridge :-)

M4: Chocolate Shakeology with almond milk and banana – didn’t spill this time!!

M5: Salmon Burger

Salmon Burger on top of Spinach topped w/ mushrooms, avocado and tomato