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My 2012 Recap

Now that 2013 is here,  I wanted to take a look back on 2012.  It was an amazing year! So much happened. I definitely learned a lot about myself this past year. And it went by so fast!

We had a lot of family fun this year:

Camping at Hatcreek – This is a special place for our family and I Love that I can share this wonderful place with my boys. I’m also very grateful that they got to spend time with their great grandpa who has had such a big influence on the person I am today.

Hatcreek 2012

Fishing Trip to Eagle Lake – so proud of the boys for waking up at 3:30 in the morning for three days straight and toughed out 5-6 hours of fishing.  Seppe wound up being the one to catch not one but 2, fish.

Eagle Lake 2012

San Francisco Zoo with our close friends the McCauley’s – the boys had so much fun. It was everyone’s first time to the SF zoo.

SF Zoo 2012

Great America w/ season passes – we enjoyed having the McCauley’s join us and we went back many times until the season ended.

Great America 2012

TBall for the Boys (Seppe’s 1st year, Gio’s 2nd) Seppe was on the Mets and Gio was a Pirate this year.

Seppe's 1st Season of TBall

Seppe’s 1st Season of TBall

Gio's 2nd Season of Tball

Gio’s 2nd Season of Tball

Disneyland and Universal Studios Vacation – 3 days of Disney and 1 day at Universal. Seppe enjoyed every minute of it. Gio was only happy when he was on a ride. He did not like waiting. lol.


Vegas Trip for Benny and Me

Vegas 2012

Berkley Shoe Camp Out (first and last!)

Berkley CampOut

We had a scary moment in March when Ben wound up in the hospital. He came close to dying but we were so fortunate that the doctors were able save him. It really helped put things in perspective for me and made me appreciate just how precious life is.


For my Personal Fitness, I achieved so many goals and went well pass what I thought I was going to when the year started. I learned that I can always push myself harder.

Completed BeachBody Turbo Fire Challenge

Left - Day1 of BB TurboFireRight - Day after the Last Day

Left – Day1 of BB TurboFire
Right – Day after the Last Day

Fist 10K (Gio’s first 1/2 mile race)

Capital City Classic 10K

Capital City Classic 10K

Big Sur 9miler (w/ Aunt and Sister)

Big Sur 9Miler

Big Sur 9Miler

Disneyland Half Marathon (mini vacation w/ Benny) – first half marathon

1st Half Marathon

1st Half Marathon

NWM Half

Second Half Marathon 6weeks later

Second Half Marathon 6weeks later

Thanksgiving Run To Feed the Hungry  (w/ the family) – beat my time from last year :-)

Family Fitness on Thanksgiving

Family Fitness on Thanksgiving

Tone It Up’s Bikini Series and 3 rounds of the 5DSD – followed TIU Nutrition Plan for most of the year (slightly went off track at Christmas)

Progress throughout my 1st year on the ToneItUp Nutrition Plan after BikiniSeries

Progress throughout my 1st year on the ToneItUp Nutrition Plan after BikiniSeries

Started playing volleyball again :-)

Volleyball every Wed from 7-10

Volleyball every Wed from 7-10

I had so much fun in 2012. It’s been the happiest and healthiest so far.   And I can’t wait for More in 2013!

BeachBody Challenge Day8

After Friday’s workouts and late night camp out, I was so worn out.  We got up around 10a Saturday morning and got ready to check out. Another Luna Bar for breakfast.  We realized that with all the shoes we bought, we had to get another suitcase. lol.  We headed back to the Cosmo so Ben could say good bye to his new friends and walked over to Walgreens to pick an extra suitcase.

We had to return our rental car and make our way to the airport. We wanted to be there earlier rather than later because last time we were rushing to make our flight.  Ben was hungry so we decided to have brunch at a restaurant at the airport. The closest one to our gate was a Mexican restaurant. I went for a chicken taco salad but didn’t eat any of the taco shell. I stuck with water. I slept for most of the flight home – that was how tired I was. I got up as we were making our decent.  The bay area was very overcast but it was kinda cool to look out the window.  We saw our apartments and the park I ride my bike to.

Bay Area Clouds

San Mateo Bridge

Our Apartments and Neighborhood

Ryder Park - where I do TIU' s Stair Circuit

I was very happy to be home.  I love visiting Vegas. I always have fun when I go, but I missed my boys and missed my busy life. Who would have thought? Lol.

So happy to be home with my Seppe

Meal 4 was 2 clementines. I was craving some fresh fruit :-) Dinner was a simple Shakeology shake – just water and ice.

———————————- Turbo Fire Day 6 ————————————

Fire 30 Stretch 10

I really didn’t feel like working out at all. I was tired from traveling and there was so much to do around the house to get things back to normal. After relaxing for a little bit,  I made myself do my Turbo Fire workout.  Fire 30 and Stretch 10 was on the schedule.  This time around, I went straight to class and skipped the breakdown.  I wasn’t perfect but I did pretty well.  I was able to bump up my intensity a little bit now that I wasn’t as concerned with the moves. The stretching really helped me relax and unwind from traveling.

I ended with a 4 minute plank – 1 min on elbows, 1 min hands, and 1 mean side plank (each side).

PlankADay - Alternating Postions

Beach Body Challenge Day5

I’m a little behind on blogging about my Beach Body Challenge.  Days 5-8 I was in Vegas. It was a last minute trip that was kind of a whirlwind, but I was determined to stick to the Challenge.  How is it possible to stay on track while in Vegas?

First and Most Importantly, I Made it a Priority. I packed my TurboFire DVD’s (only the ones I needed), workout clothes, running shoes, and healthy snacks. As soon as we got settled into our hotel,  I made sure we went and got plenty of water.

Workout Clothes

Asics Running Shoes

Laptop, Turbo Fire DVD's and Workout Calendar

Healthy Snacks: SnapeaCrisps, Kind Bars, Luna Bars, and Cliff Bars

Two Six Pack of Arrowhead Water

We landed at 7:30a and couldn’t check in until 3p so we had a lot of time to kill. After we picked up our luggage and rental car, we ran around doing some errands for the hubby. Things did not quite work out as planned for him so he was upset and we almost went straight home. He worked a few things out  and we wound up staying.

I had Luna bar on the plane for my Breakfast. I always keep a couple in my purse ;-) By the time he settled everything, I was getting hungry again so we went to Serendipity’s for Breakfast #2. If you’ve ever been to Serendipity’s – you know the portion sizes are huge! We learned that from our last visit.  So instead of getting separate gigantic meals, we split a breakfast quesadilla. It wasn’t a super healthy breakfast. I wound up taking the bacon out of my second piece because it was actually making me nauseous.  It was the perfect portion size and saved us some money :-)

I really don’t remember what we did after breakfast… lol. I think we walked around a bit. Stores were just starting to open. We walked through the Forum Shops.  I looked through a Guess Marciano store. So cute But so Expensive! We decided to catch a movie that was starting in 30 min. to help pass the time. We went to Town Square and watched the new Underworld movie. Not great but Not bad either.  Then it was Lunch time.

We decided to try out a Sushi Restaurant that was by the movie theaters. We ordered two rolls. I got the Avocado and Eel roll which he wound up liking better than his Alaskan roll :-) Tried out their Mango Ice tea which I realized was probably loaded with sugar. lol. We figured that we could head over to our hotel and check in even though it was only 2p.


Alaskan Roll with cooked Salmon on top

Avocado Eel Roll

Closeup of my Yummy Avocado Eel Roll

We stayed at the Mirage and lucked out in getting a corner room. That meant we were at the end of a very long hallway but I figured it was a great way to get exercise every time we came and went :-) Since we had only gotten 3 hours of sleep, we decided to take a nap after checking in.

Once Ben got up, we got ready to go out. We wanted to ride the roller coaster inside NY NY hotel so we decided to do that first before eating dinner. It was so much fun! The highlight was the drunk wedding party that was behind us. They asked if they could go in front of us so they could all ride together. We didn’t mind since we were in no rush. The mother was so funny and kept thanking us. They obviously were having a great time.

On our way to the Roller Coaster inside NY NY

We were craving steak and there happened to be a really good one inside our hotel: Kokomo’s. It is a Fine Dining Restaurant so it’s pricey, but the food is amazing! They brought out a bread basket with several types of bread. We split a few to try them out. My favorite was the cranberry wheat. He ordered a 16oz. steak and asparagus. He says it’s he Best steak he’s ever had. I got the Red Snapper with veggies.  My snapper came with a lemon butter sauce that I didn’t use. I didn’t have any of the crispy onions that topped my veggies so I think I did pretty good :-) The dinner was delicious.  We were still tired from traveling so we just went back to our room to relax and go to bed.

Bread Basket

Ben and his 16 oz. Steak

Red Snapper

Green Beans, onions and tomatoes

———————————  Turbo Fire Day 3 ———————————–

Luckily it was a Rest Day for my Turbo Fire workouts. I really needed it. I only napped for a couple hours then got up. I had my afternoon snack – my favorite: Almond Coconut Kind Bar. I decided that while Ben napped that I’d do some toning workouts.

Started with a 2min plank on my forearms

Followed by  Tone It Up’s Vday workout X2

A Custom Booty Workout X3:

20 Sqauts

20 Lunges each leg

20 Side Lunges each leg

20 Single Leg BootyLifters each side

20 Heatwaves

Ended with a 2min plank.

I promise that this will be longest post. I didn’t have as much time to take as many pics for the rest of the time I was in Vegas.

Staying Healthy on Vacation

I recently went to Vegas to celebrate my 30th Birthday :-) We were there for 5 full days. This was the first time I’ve been on vacation since starting my healthy lifestyle. And it was definitely different.

I did not tell myself that I wasn’t going to eat certain foods or that I wasn’t going to drink at all. This was Vegas and my birthday celebration after all :-) But I didn’t want to throw away all the hard work I’ve done either. If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I did the Slim Down right before my trip. (Click Here for my results).

So… How did I have a Great Time And Stay Healthy? Well…. I did my best to Make Healthy Choices. What does that mean? It means, I made Staying Healthy a Priority. I planned on it.

Pack Healthy:
First, I made sure to pack my tennis shoes. That way I had no excuse to Not at least run. I planned on being active. (Other great things to pack are a jump rope and resistance bands. They don’t take up much room and you can do some great workouts.)

I also packed healthy snacks both in my purse and in my suitcase. This really helped me stay on track with eating 5 meals a day.

Set Alarm and Get Up!
I slept in but set my alarm for 8a. I got up and ran 3 miles every day (for the first 4 days). We were lucky enough to stay with a friend of mine for the first few days (Thanks Missy and Kendall), so I had a buddy to run with. Let me just say, running 3 miles on flat terrain is way easier than running 3 miles up and down steep hills. I didn’t worry about my time or pace, I just did 3 miles.

Don’t Stress!
Since the rest of the day would be spent running around doing activities, I did not stress myself out about getting more workouts in.

Eating Out…. It’s just one of those things that happens. Our meals tended to be later than usual and there were a couple nights where dinner was at 8p. This is where will power plays a big role. Every night, But One, I kept myself to two drinks. For my body size, this was perfect. For meals, I did my best to eat lean meats and veggies -especially if it was late at night. At the same time, I did not stop myself from having a bite or two of something tasty like the veggie fried rice from Tao.

My one downfall was that I did not stay hydrated :-( I fell back into my bad habit of forgetting to hydrate before leaving because I was so preoccupied with preparing for my trip. And when we got to Vegas, I just continued to forget. But I will definitely make sure not to do that again :-)

All in all, I think I did pretty well. Yes, I could have done better with some things but I know that before finding Tone It Up and changing my lifestyle, I would have done A LOT worse. The last time I was in Vegas I didn’t even think about being healthy at all. I drank myself drunk every night, ate maybe 2 meals a day, and would have laughed in your face if you suggested I go run.

When I look back at myself 3 years ago, I’ve come a long way – especially with how I view health and fitness. It is such a Big part of my life. My friend’s daughter asked me about eating fast food, soda, and candy. I told her I don’t eat or drink that stuff. She told me I was weird. Lol. I have no problem with that. I know that it probably seems weird or strange to some people that I’ve given up fast food, soda, and most sweets. Before it would have bothered me, but now it doesn’t. Peer pressure on vacation can be tough to deal with too. I just ask myself “how will I feel about this tomorrow?” If I am going to so disappointed than I won’t have it. You  have to be selfish with your health. I have gotten better at ignoring what others say and don’t care what they might think. I can be Healthy and have a Great Time!