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Bikini Series Day1

April 28, 2014 –

Today was the first day of this year’s Bikini series :-) It was tough but I got up early and went out for a 20min walk for my bootycall. I walked around the neighborhood. There are lots of steep hills so it gets the heart pumping. It’s been a while since I’ve done a bcwo. I stopped shortly after I learned I had high blood pressure last year. I decided that I needed more rest to help my body. I cut back on my workouts and tried to not stress out as much. But I really want to give this Bikini Series my all so I am making a goal of doing a bcwo 5x a week. I will keep it to a walk or jog and I will be making a huge effort to get to bed earlier so I can make sure I am well rested.


Seppe was still sick today so I stayed home with him. After dropping Gio off at school, I did a short upper body workout with my equipment at home:
Pull-Ups (Wide, Narrow, Reverse) 5×2
Band Pull-Downs (Wide, Narrow) 10×2
Upright Row to Deadlift 10, 8, 6 with 15lb DB

I went to the gym after Ben got home from work and did a short leg workout and the new Spring into Summer cardio. I started with a 1mile warmup on the treadmill. Then hit the weight room:
Leg Extensions 65lbs 10×3 Plus a 4th round was a drop set that I started at 75lbs down to 25lbs. I did at least 6reps at each weight.
Deadlift 80lbs 10×3
Leg Press Machine 175lbs 10×3
Seated Leg Curl 55lbs 10×3
I wanted to hit the squat rack but it was taken and I ran out of time.

I did the Spring Into Cardio routine on the stairmill. Wow! What a sweat session!! The stairmaster is probably least favorite cardio machine and is tough for me but it’s so great for the legs!

Did the 3 Moves for Sexy Upper Back 10 x 3, Day28 of 30pushups for 30daya, and 2min plank after putting the boys to bed.


Meals were pretty good today. I didn’t have a single piece of candy :-) Lunch was my not so great meal. Ben brought home some L&L. Usually it’s really good but today it wasn’t that great. My favorite meal was dinner with Panko Tilapia, broccoli and roasted Brussel sprouts. I also has some frozen grapes after dinner. I also made my water goal today.

I felt pretty good most of the day. Got a little tired after my morning workout. Took a nap with Seppe on the couch. He started to feel better today and his happy personality is starting to come back. I miss him smiling and being goofy. Glad this was a short sickness even though it was pretty rough for him – and me.

Made my Vision Board for the Sunset Challenge:


The 3 Things I really to Accomplish at the end of 8 weeks:
1. Making Clean, Lean and Green my Lifestyle again
2. Become better at swimming
3. Lift heavier weights

I set out my clothes for tomorrow last night so I’m ready for Day2 :-) Time to get to bed!

BeachBody Challenge Day42

This is a few days late because I took a little break from blogging. I needed it.  I’m always on the move – always having to do something.  There is always so much to do and very little time to do it all. Life can easily pass us by without us even knowing it. So as much as I wanted to blog, edit videos, and do more workouts, I put on the breaks.  My brother came for a short visit and seeing as I haven’t seen him since before he was deployed to Afghanistan and that I have no idea when I’ll see him again because he’s moving to Texas, I decided to spend my Friday night hanging out with him :-)

The boys with their Uncle PJ :-)

I don’t see my family much. Not because I don’t want to – it’s just how we are. We’re all very independent from one another. At one time, I did wish we were different and more like families who saw one another regularly. But I’ve come to accept how my family is. It’s not that we don’t love each other.  This is just how we are.  We value the time we do spend together and know that we can count on one another when we need help. Now if only certain people could accept how my family works and stop trying to change that. Lol.

My brother didn’t arrive until dinner time Friday so I got most of workouts done before he arrived.

Bootycall was Day16 of Mad Abs Marc: 34s side plank, 32 crunches, and 27 pushups (all on my feet – and yes it was very hard for me)

ToneItUp’s SandCastle Workout – 20 reps each X3 sets with 5lb. weights.

3 Mile run – only got rained on a little bit on the way back.

After my 3 mile run heading up 4 flights of stairs.

Turbor Fire Day40 – Fire55EZ: I’m liking this one more and more every time I do it :-) Probably because I’m able to do almost every move correctly now. I’m really pushing myself – especially during the fire drills.  Doing all the tuck jumps and star jacks.

Happy Hour Challenge – 1 min plank every hour from 8a – 10p. Missed one at 7p so I did a 2min at 8p to make up for it.

8a Plank

9a Plank

10a plank - had to do it a little early.

11a Plank - running a little late.

12p Plank

1p Plank

2p Plank

3p Plank

4p Plank

5p Plank

6p Plank

2min plank for 7p and 8p

9p Plank

Last Plank for the Happy Hour Challenge

























Meals – Did pretty good. I made a special dinner for my brother with Lumpia and pot stickers, but I made a lean dinner for myself.

M1: Chobani Honey with granola and almond butter.

My quick go to Breakfast - Chobani, granola and almond butter.

M2: Luna bar.

M3: I was craving some protein pancakes so I made some :-) These wound up being the best ones I’ve ever made. I wound up using a whole banana because it was a little over ripe but I think that helped it turn out so well.  Topped with a small amount of cocoa almond butter. I just put enough on so that the strawberry slices had something to stick to.

Batter turned blue after adding frozen blueberries.

Made 3 smaller pancakes instead of 1 big one.

They turned out perfect!

I only ate 2 - topped with cocoa almond butter and strawberries.

M4: Almond Nut Thins with olive hummus and olive tapenade.

Nut Thins w/ Hummus and Olive Tapenade

M5: Left over Salmon and asparagus w/ quinoa.  I did enjoy 2 pieces of lumpia with my brother. Keeping myself to 2 was hard because I Love lumpia. Luckily my brother ate a lot of it so there wasn’t much left.

Salmon, asparagus and quinoa.

80 oz. of water and 1 Zico.

Beach Body Challenge Day11

I was determined to overcome my period. I got up and did a 2 min plank followed by Tone It Up’s Valentine’s Day workout in honor of Valentine’s Day :-) I did 2 sets with light weights for my bootycall workout.  After dropping the boys off at school, I went for a 3 mile run.  I had a great run. My knees didn’t hurt and I felt much better. It gave me a nice energy boost.

First Plank

Since we had gone to Vegas a few days ago, that was our Valentine’s celebration. So we didn’t do anything special. It was just the usual for us. Ben had work, Boys had school, and I had workouts :-)

————————— Turbo Fire Day 9 ——————————

HITT 20/ Stretch 10

Did my Turbo Fire workout in the afternoon. It was HIIT 20 and Stretch 1o today.  These  HIIT workouts are no joke! Did 3 different HIITs – 2 of them we did two times in a row and the third one, we did 3 times. My heart was racing the whole time. Definitely needed the Stretch 10 afterwards.

After dinner I decided to do FitFoodJunkie’s 100 challenge and another 2 min plank.

Second Plank

Meals were pretty good:

M1 – Luna bar

M2 – 2 clementines

M3 – Shakeology with half an avocado, water and ice

M4 – almond coconut Kind bar

M5 – Balsamic Tilapia with broccoli and quinoa

Balsamic Tilipa, Quinoa and Broccoli

Beach Body Challenge Day9 and Day10

I’m combining Day 9 and Day 10 because these were really tough days for me. I was very low on energy and lacking motivation to do my workouts – hence the lack of pictures.  It’s always difficult to get the boys back in line after having their grandma around.  I have to work extra hard to remind them of the rules and how things work while trying not to get too upset when they say they’d rather have their grandma around. It’s just how it goes.  I’m not suppose to be the fun one.

-Day 9 –

Sunday wasn’t that great of a day. I really had no energy and wanted to do absolutely nothing. But I couldn’t. I had the boys to entertain and the house to clean up.  Ben was at work so it was just me and the boys. I told myself that if I wasn’t going to do anything, I’d at least do my Turbo Fire workout.

————————— Turbo Fire Day 7 —————————

Core 20 / Stretch 40

Today’s workout was Core 20 and Stretch 40.  Surprisingly, I was able to do it with the boys around.  They were pretty good about letting me do the workout without bothering me too much.  I got to use to resistance band for the Core 20 workout.  I stuck with the modified version so I could learn what I was suppose to do. The exercises on the matt were killer.  Stretch 40 was Yoga.  It focused on increasing flexibility which I really needed to do.  Even though my left knee was still a little sore, I think the stretching helped loosen it up.  I really liked this workout.


I can’t remember what I ate during Day 9.  I’m pretty sure I had a Luna bar, some greek yogurt, a Shakeology shake, and some clementines.

-Day 10-

Found out why I was so tired yesterday. My period started. I am always drained when it’s that time of the month. I feel like it’s getting worse.  I spent most of the day sleeping/napping.  I did a little better with my meals today.

M1: Luna bar

M2: 2 clementines

No M3 because I was sleeping.

M4: Almond coconut Kind bar

M5: Shakeology with half a banana, water and ice.

Just like Sunday, I made sure to at least do my Turbo Fire workout.

————————– Turbo Fire Day 8 ——————————

Fire 45/ Stretch 10

Today was a new Fire workout: Fire 45 and the same Stretch 10. I went with the New to Class option to learn the moves.  I loved the music in this one.  The first combo was so much fun. I think I’m getting better because it’s not taking me as long to catch on :-)

Since I missed doing a plank on Sunday, I decided to do a 5 min plank to make up for it – 1 min on elbows, 1 min on hands, 1 min side plank (each side), 30 sec plank jacks and 30 sec tummy tucks.

Today was also the day I weighed myself. I really didn’t want to since I knew that it would be off because I was bloated and retaining water. But I did step on that scale in the morning: 109lbs. I guess a .4 lbs increase while on my period isn’t too bad. I’m not too concerned with my weight. I’m happy where I’m at.  My main focus is on getting this last little bit of fat off my belly :-) I  use my weight as a reference for progress but I mostly go by how I look in the mirror. I’ll be weighing myself once a week and taking measurements once a month.

Beach Body Challenge Day6

It was really nice sleeping in. I woke up around 8a and just enjoyed Not hearing the sound of my boys fighting. lol. It is amazing how quiet things are without them around. I almost forgot what it’s like.  The beds weren’t too bad at the hotel. It’s hard for me to ever be comfortable in a bed that isn’t mine.  We have a Temperpedic and it is worth every single penny!

Our room didn’t have a fridge – besides the mini bar, so I had a Luna bar for breakfast. Ben had a Cliff bar and he decided that he’d come with me to the gym :-)  After doing a 2min plank (just me), we strapped on our running shoes and walked through the hotel to get to their Cardio room. I went over to the treadmills and he headed for the ellipticals. I love hotel gyms because they have the Best equipment.  These treadmills had a TV, attachments for iPhone, and a fan.  I chose to do a 5K program. Did pretty good and stuck to a 7mph pace.

Morning Plank

Ben finishing up his workout

—————————– Turbo Fire Day 4 ———————————

I decided to do my Turbo Fire workout when I got back from the hotel gym. I wanted to get my workouts out of the way so we could do whatever we needed to for the rest of the day.

Today was Fire 30 and Stretch 10. I still did the New to Class option.  I definitely did better.  This workout is so much fun.

Fire 30 Stretch 10


Meal 2 was skipped. By the time I was done working out and showering, it was time for lunch. We headed to my favorite place: Bahama Breeze. I use to work at one when I lived in Florida and Vegas is the closest place for me to get their amazing food.  I Always go there for lunch when I go to Vegas. Their menu has changed a little since I’ve worked there but their atmosphere and quality is still great. It always brings back happy memories of my good friends and good times I had when I go there.

I decided to try out one of their new salads : Grilled Chicken and Tropical Fruit on Greens.  This was soooooo good! In hindsight I should have asked for the dressing on the side. It was Raspberry Vinaigrette but they had more on there than I would have liked. I am not big on salad dressing and I only ever use a very tiny bit.  The salad was still amazing though.  It had pineapple, grapes, oranges, and strawberries. I ate every last bit :-) I did have one drink: their Pineapple Coconut Martini.  It’s one they’ve added since I’ve worked there and it’s my favorite.  Usually I’d just have them keep them coming, but I stuck with just one and lots of water :-) Ben got his usual Jerk Shrimp appetizer.  I was very proud that he didn’t order an entree too. He’s working on getting use to smaller portions.

Ben with my drink and his

Chicken and Tropical Fruit on Greens

Jerk Shrimp

After lunch we  toured the Las Vegas Tower.  For those that don’t know, Ben is an air traffic controller.  He wanted to see if the Vegas tower was some place he would want to transfer to after SFO. It is very interesting listening to them talk about the differences between the towers.  It looks like that they are already fully staffed so it will be a while before Ben can go there.  They were all very friendly and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

We headed over to the Cosmo for Ben to talk with a few people. He was very happy to have found a store that was carrying a shoe he really wanted.  The Cosmo is just so hip and fun. lol. I loved the Chandelier hanging from the ceiling and going all the way down. It was just so pretty :-)

Inside the Cosmo - 2nd Floor

We walked across the street to the Miracle Mile Mall. We walked the whole thing :-) Now I remember that we also walked it the day before… our first day in Vegas. lol. I had seen some shoes I wanted the day before. I went back in and got them today. Well, not exactly the ones I wanted.  The shoes I wanted were sold out in my size. They had my size in different style so I went for one that wasn’t as crazy as some of my other choices.

New Kicks - BlowFish

These shoes are super comfy!! I thought that they’d be stiff, but not at all. I took off my boots and wore these around and my feet felt great :-)

Meal 4 was Almond Coconut Kind Bar. We went back to our hotel and relaxed for a little bit.  We were a little worn out so we decided to stay at our hotel for dinner.  We didn’t want to do a fancy restaurant again so we decided to do California Pizza Kitchen.  I ordered a thin crust Spinach Artichoke pizza made with whole wheat flour.  Again, Ben liked it better than his pizza :-) I only had two slices.  I heard about the Kardashian Khaos Store inside the Mirage so we went to check it out after dinner.

I’m not a huge fan of the Kardashians, but I am a Huge fan of Stila Cosmetics.  I was surprised to see that they did an exclusive makeup collection for the Kardashian Khaos store.  There were two sets and I had the hardest time deciding which to get. I really wanted both but I decided to exercise some will power.  I chose the Bronze set since I use more of those colors on a daily basis than the ones inside the Night time set.

Stila Makeup for Kardashian Khaos

We went back to our hotel room and got ready to head over to our friends’ house out in Henderson.  We don’t get to see them much so we wanted to make sure we stopped by for a bit.  We always have a great time with them. Malissa and I will be doing the Disney Half Marathon in September together :-)  We stayed for a couple hours then headed back to the hotel.  Ben had to be up early the next day.

Beach Body Challenge Day5

I’m a little behind on blogging about my Beach Body Challenge.  Days 5-8 I was in Vegas. It was a last minute trip that was kind of a whirlwind, but I was determined to stick to the Challenge.  How is it possible to stay on track while in Vegas?

First and Most Importantly, I Made it a Priority. I packed my TurboFire DVD’s (only the ones I needed), workout clothes, running shoes, and healthy snacks. As soon as we got settled into our hotel,  I made sure we went and got plenty of water.

Workout Clothes

Asics Running Shoes

Laptop, Turbo Fire DVD's and Workout Calendar

Healthy Snacks: SnapeaCrisps, Kind Bars, Luna Bars, and Cliff Bars

Two Six Pack of Arrowhead Water

We landed at 7:30a and couldn’t check in until 3p so we had a lot of time to kill. After we picked up our luggage and rental car, we ran around doing some errands for the hubby. Things did not quite work out as planned for him so he was upset and we almost went straight home. He worked a few things out  and we wound up staying.

I had Luna bar on the plane for my Breakfast. I always keep a couple in my purse ;-) By the time he settled everything, I was getting hungry again so we went to Serendipity’s for Breakfast #2. If you’ve ever been to Serendipity’s – you know the portion sizes are huge! We learned that from our last visit.  So instead of getting separate gigantic meals, we split a breakfast quesadilla. It wasn’t a super healthy breakfast. I wound up taking the bacon out of my second piece because it was actually making me nauseous.  It was the perfect portion size and saved us some money :-)

I really don’t remember what we did after breakfast… lol. I think we walked around a bit. Stores were just starting to open. We walked through the Forum Shops.  I looked through a Guess Marciano store. So cute But so Expensive! We decided to catch a movie that was starting in 30 min. to help pass the time. We went to Town Square and watched the new Underworld movie. Not great but Not bad either.  Then it was Lunch time.

We decided to try out a Sushi Restaurant that was by the movie theaters. We ordered two rolls. I got the Avocado and Eel roll which he wound up liking better than his Alaskan roll :-) Tried out their Mango Ice tea which I realized was probably loaded with sugar. lol. We figured that we could head over to our hotel and check in even though it was only 2p.


Alaskan Roll with cooked Salmon on top

Avocado Eel Roll

Closeup of my Yummy Avocado Eel Roll

We stayed at the Mirage and lucked out in getting a corner room. That meant we were at the end of a very long hallway but I figured it was a great way to get exercise every time we came and went :-) Since we had only gotten 3 hours of sleep, we decided to take a nap after checking in.

Once Ben got up, we got ready to go out. We wanted to ride the roller coaster inside NY NY hotel so we decided to do that first before eating dinner. It was so much fun! The highlight was the drunk wedding party that was behind us. They asked if they could go in front of us so they could all ride together. We didn’t mind since we were in no rush. The mother was so funny and kept thanking us. They obviously were having a great time.

On our way to the Roller Coaster inside NY NY

We were craving steak and there happened to be a really good one inside our hotel: Kokomo’s. It is a Fine Dining Restaurant so it’s pricey, but the food is amazing! They brought out a bread basket with several types of bread. We split a few to try them out. My favorite was the cranberry wheat. He ordered a 16oz. steak and asparagus. He says it’s he Best steak he’s ever had. I got the Red Snapper with veggies.  My snapper came with a lemon butter sauce that I didn’t use. I didn’t have any of the crispy onions that topped my veggies so I think I did pretty good :-) The dinner was delicious.  We were still tired from traveling so we just went back to our room to relax and go to bed.

Bread Basket

Ben and his 16 oz. Steak

Red Snapper

Green Beans, onions and tomatoes

———————————  Turbo Fire Day 3 ———————————–

Luckily it was a Rest Day for my Turbo Fire workouts. I really needed it. I only napped for a couple hours then got up. I had my afternoon snack – my favorite: Almond Coconut Kind Bar. I decided that while Ben napped that I’d do some toning workouts.

Started with a 2min plank on my forearms

Followed by  Tone It Up’s Vday workout X2

A Custom Booty Workout X3:

20 Sqauts

20 Lunges each leg

20 Side Lunges each leg

20 Single Leg BootyLifters each side

20 Heatwaves

Ended with a 2min plank.

I promise that this will be longest post. I didn’t have as much time to take as many pics for the rest of the time I was in Vegas.

Beach Body Challenge Day4

Day 4 of BeachBody Challenge

I started my day doing Tone It Up’s Valentine’s Day Workout x2. I added light weights to the first 6 exercises :-) It was a great way to wake up.

Breakfast was something that I’ve been thinking about for days.  You know when you have an idea on your mind and you’re just waiting to get it out? Yep, that was me making my breakfast. Took a couple egg whites, put it on top of Spinach and topped with sliced tomatoes and tempeh bacon. I sprinkled a little sea salt on top.

Egg White Tempeh Sandwich

I was very happy to have my Chobani Champions for my snack this morning.  Resisting the Chobani Champions every time I opened my fridge was a hard part of the cleanse. lol. The Champions are perfect for me because they are smaller portions and less sugar. I added Trader Joe’s Raw Almond Butter and Bear Naked Fit Granola.

Raw Almond Butter

Bear Naked Fit - Found it at WalMart :-)

Had a Shakeology Shake for Lunch. I couldn’t decide which recipe to try. So many choices!! I went with the Choco Raspberry because it was simple and I wanted to use up the last of my frozen raspberries. I put in a little more than a half of cup because there wasn’t much left.

Choco Raspberry Shakeology

It was sooooo good. I added ice cubes but I probably didn’t need to since the raspberries were frozen. Came out super thick – the way I like it :-)

Meal 4 was a Lemon Zest Luna bar. Wanted to have some energy for the gym.

Dinner – Tilapia w/ 1 cup of brown rice mixed with spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, and broccoli slaw.

100 oz. of water today!

——————————— Turbo Fire Day 2 —————————————

Today’s class was HIIT15/Stretch 10. I figured that this was going to be really intense – and it was! 3 Different HIIT workouts doing each 3 times in 15minutes. Insane!! lol. Thought my heart was going to come out of my chest after the first HIIT workout.  I followed the modifications because it was all a little fast for me. Not quite ready to do all those jumps but I will definitely be working on it. I was drenched in sweat even though I didn’t jump. Loved it! The Stretch 10 was the same as yesterday’s and I could feel all my sore muscles from yesterday and today. I see why tomorrow is a Rest Day.

I debated on Not doing anything else. I was worn out from the HIIT15. Ben decided to change his mind – again – and booked a last minute trip to Vegas early tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is a Rest Day for TurboFire but I was planning on having an Active Rest day. I usually do a bike ride and some booty toning exercises.  This last minute trip is going to make that difficult. I decided to hit the gym and do a 30 minute Hill program on the bike. My legs were dead from the HIIT earlier but I made it over 6 miles with the resistance up at 20 at the hardest part :-)

Gotta go Pack!