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BikiniSeries Day31

May 28, 2014


Sunrise Routine
TurboFire Low HIIT 20
Bikini Abs
Sunset Workout x 2

M1: egg whites/ berries/ bananas
M2: 2 kiwis
M3: PerfectFit Shake w/ spinach, banana, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, zico
M4: homemade guacamole with Terra chips
M5: Tilapia and green beans

My ankle was looking a lot better but I still wanted to hold off taking it for a run. I wanted to do something though so after doing the Sunrise routine I decided to give the low impact TurboFire workout a try. Legs burned and I got a good sweat without having to jump.

More cleaning and uploading of pics. I was bummed that I couldn’t go to volleyball :-( Of all the places I could hurt my ankle worse, it would be at volleyball. I always get a little worried when I play before a race but I do try to be careful.

I also did BikiniBooty for hump day for a leg workout. I was able to do squats without any problem. The single leg squats were a little tough but my ankle was ok. I wore a brace to help with support. Sunset workout felt great.

Happy with my meals minus M4. I probably had way more guacamole and chips than I should have. I did better with my water. I was bad about with camping and I’ve been working hard at making sure I drink more.

I am dying for a good leg day.

Did the Sunset challenge and spent some time meditating before bed. I focused on my goals and what I needed to do to get there. I let go of my slips and focused on all my blessings. I want to focus on being happy and not be stressed out as much. Meditating helped me relax.

BikiniSeries Day9


May 6, 2014

I was Not in the mood to do anything today. I didn’t want to get up. I was still so tired when my alarm went off. All I wanted to do was stay in bed. But I didn’t.
Got up and did HIIT the Beach II. It was tough for me. I was tired and sore from my intense leg day on Monday. I got through it and got some energy. I dropped the boys off and went to the gym for spin. I didn’t think I’d be able to keep up but I did alright. Worked up a good sweat as usual. It wore me out.
Decided to save the rest of my workouts for later and get some stuff done around the house.
Finished up grocery shopping, prepped food, and cleaned up the house a bit. Started laundry and dishes. There’s no really finishing laundry or dishes. There’s always more to do.

I crashed after picking the boys up from school. It wasn’t that great of a nap because the boys were fighting. Had to get up and play referee.
Did the new BikiniBooty workout, SexyArms from zbodyfitnessinc, Sunset Workout, and plank right after putting the boys to bed. I thought about skipping the arm workout but I figured I needed to get back to working out my arms. I love Zoey’s arm workout and she has a great boy workout too. Definitely go and check her out!
The Sunset workout felt great. I really need to stretch more.

Meals –
M1: egg whites and banana
M2: Perfect Fit Bar and Zico
M3: Pesto Pasta, Chk apple sausage, Brussel sprouts and spinach
M4: Turkey jerky
M5: TJ’s Tempura Chk and broccol
Dessert – grapes
Met my water goal today :-)
I’m pretty happy about meals today. I was really craving chocolate badly but I was able to stop myself from buying a bag of choc pretzels :-) It’s getting easier to resist the junk and sweets. I take it one day at a time.

BeachBody Challenge Day22

It was a Long day today – and not a good one.   Another 4am wake up call – this time bringing the kids with us. Helping Ben get his shoes with these super early mornings have really taken a toll on me. I was exhausted.  Granted, I did have a pretty intense day yesterday. Normally, Saturdays are my Take it Easy day.  I cross train and go for a 10mile bike ride for my bootycall. That didn’t happen today.

After breakfast, I went right back to bed. When I got up, I was still tired and there was so much to do.  The boys were difficult today. Then Ben’s car breaks down and we have to caravan over to the repair shop.  I really wasn’t in the mood to deal with car problems. It’s one thing we didn’t need to happen right now. I’m not too happy that I won’t have a car for the next two days while Ben takes mine for work – not to mention that on Monday I will have to drop him off to work early in the morning so I can have the car for the boys. Ugh!

—————————- Turbo Fire Day 20 ——————————


I had no idea when I was going to be able to workout. A part of me didn’t even want to with the way my day was going.  I made myself do today’s Core20 and Stretch40 workouts before dinner. This time around I tried even harder during the Core20 workout. I kept my feet up during the exercises on the matt – except for during the training camp move.  I could really feel the burn in my abs. My goal is to keep my feet up the whole time. I did the pushups on my feet at the end :-)

The Stretch40 really helped with my stress. I had sent the boys to their room for the rest of the day as punishment for not listening. Even though I could hear them from their room trying to talk me into letting them out, I ignored them and focused on my workout.  I really needed the relaxation phase.  Those few minutes where I just let my mind go was heaven. I also really pushed myself with the stretching.  My left knee is feeling so much better. I was able to work on my flexibility on my left side much more today. I could tell that I had gotten better since the last time I did this workout too.  Getting a little more flexible every time I do it :-)

I wanted to do more workouts. I probably should have done more. But I was falling asleep after putting the boys to bed at 8p. As much as I want to keep pushing myself – I also know that I have to listen to my body. I have been sore All week from my workouts. It’s not so bad that I can’t move, but combined with the lack of sleep, my body is telling me I need to Rest.  The only other thing I did was my plank.  Tonight I did a 2:30 min variation – 30 seconds on elbows, 30 seconds hip dips (that’s what I’m calling it) – where you lower your hips side to side while in low plank, 30 seconds with my right leg raised, 30 seconds with my left leg raised, and 30 seconds back in plank.

Meals –

M1: Starbucks egg white, spinach and feta wrap. It is the only thing I go into Starbucks for.

M2: 2 Clementines

M3: Snapea Crisps with Chunky Olive Hummus.

M4: Air popped popcorn. I was craving it.

M5: Half of my Shakeology, almond butter and banana shake. The other half wound up on the counter :-( I was craving KFC for some reason while I was making my shake. lol.

What A Waste!

What was left was Very Yummy :-)

BeachBody Challenge Day8

After Friday’s workouts and late night camp out, I was so worn out.  We got up around 10a Saturday morning and got ready to check out. Another Luna Bar for breakfast.  We realized that with all the shoes we bought, we had to get another suitcase. lol.  We headed back to the Cosmo so Ben could say good bye to his new friends and walked over to Walgreens to pick an extra suitcase.

We had to return our rental car and make our way to the airport. We wanted to be there earlier rather than later because last time we were rushing to make our flight.  Ben was hungry so we decided to have brunch at a restaurant at the airport. The closest one to our gate was a Mexican restaurant. I went for a chicken taco salad but didn’t eat any of the taco shell. I stuck with water. I slept for most of the flight home – that was how tired I was. I got up as we were making our decent.  The bay area was very overcast but it was kinda cool to look out the window.  We saw our apartments and the park I ride my bike to.

Bay Area Clouds

San Mateo Bridge

Our Apartments and Neighborhood

Ryder Park - where I do TIU' s Stair Circuit

I was very happy to be home.  I love visiting Vegas. I always have fun when I go, but I missed my boys and missed my busy life. Who would have thought? Lol.

So happy to be home with my Seppe

Meal 4 was 2 clementines. I was craving some fresh fruit :-) Dinner was a simple Shakeology shake – just water and ice.

———————————- Turbo Fire Day 6 ————————————

Fire 30 Stretch 10

I really didn’t feel like working out at all. I was tired from traveling and there was so much to do around the house to get things back to normal. After relaxing for a little bit,  I made myself do my Turbo Fire workout.  Fire 30 and Stretch 10 was on the schedule.  This time around, I went straight to class and skipped the breakdown.  I wasn’t perfect but I did pretty well.  I was able to bump up my intensity a little bit now that I wasn’t as concerned with the moves. The stretching really helped me relax and unwind from traveling.

I ended with a 4 minute plank – 1 min on elbows, 1 min hands, and 1 mean side plank (each side).

PlankADay - Alternating Postions

Beach Body Challenge Day4

Day 4 of BeachBody Challenge

I started my day doing Tone It Up’s Valentine’s Day Workout x2. I added light weights to the first 6 exercises :-) It was a great way to wake up.

Breakfast was something that I’ve been thinking about for days.  You know when you have an idea on your mind and you’re just waiting to get it out? Yep, that was me making my breakfast. Took a couple egg whites, put it on top of Spinach and topped with sliced tomatoes and tempeh bacon. I sprinkled a little sea salt on top.

Egg White Tempeh Sandwich

I was very happy to have my Chobani Champions for my snack this morning.  Resisting the Chobani Champions every time I opened my fridge was a hard part of the cleanse. lol. The Champions are perfect for me because they are smaller portions and less sugar. I added Trader Joe’s Raw Almond Butter and Bear Naked Fit Granola.

Raw Almond Butter

Bear Naked Fit - Found it at WalMart :-)

Had a Shakeology Shake for Lunch. I couldn’t decide which recipe to try. So many choices!! I went with the Choco Raspberry because it was simple and I wanted to use up the last of my frozen raspberries. I put in a little more than a half of cup because there wasn’t much left.

Choco Raspberry Shakeology

It was sooooo good. I added ice cubes but I probably didn’t need to since the raspberries were frozen. Came out super thick – the way I like it :-)

Meal 4 was a Lemon Zest Luna bar. Wanted to have some energy for the gym.

Dinner – Tilapia w/ 1 cup of brown rice mixed with spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, and broccoli slaw.

100 oz. of water today!

——————————— Turbo Fire Day 2 —————————————

Today’s class was HIIT15/Stretch 10. I figured that this was going to be really intense – and it was! 3 Different HIIT workouts doing each 3 times in 15minutes. Insane!! lol. Thought my heart was going to come out of my chest after the first HIIT workout.  I followed the modifications because it was all a little fast for me. Not quite ready to do all those jumps but I will definitely be working on it. I was drenched in sweat even though I didn’t jump. Loved it! The Stretch 10 was the same as yesterday’s and I could feel all my sore muscles from yesterday and today. I see why tomorrow is a Rest Day.

I debated on Not doing anything else. I was worn out from the HIIT15. Ben decided to change his mind – again – and booked a last minute trip to Vegas early tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is a Rest Day for TurboFire but I was planning on having an Active Rest day. I usually do a bike ride and some booty toning exercises.  This last minute trip is going to make that difficult. I decided to hit the gym and do a 30 minute Hill program on the bike. My legs were dead from the HIIT earlier but I made it over 6 miles with the resistance up at 20 at the hardest part :-)

Gotta go Pack!