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BeachBody Day52 & Day53

Combined Day52 and Day53 because they were pretty much the same. Monday was my first day back to my Turbo Fire workouts. Gosh! I really missed doing these.  I picked up where I left off so this was the beginning of week 8 for me. Luckily, this is the recovery week from the month of cardio and perfect to help ease me back into my workouts before starting the last month of HIITs.

Day52 – It was really really hard to get up for my bootycall, but I did it! Having Ben home recovering and the boys home for Spring break had me kind of on vacation mode. lol. I enjoyed sleeping more :-) Even though it isn’t March anymore, I still wanted to finish the Mad Abs Challenge. I had 6 days left to do and I had started back up last week.  I did Day30 with 43 pushups, 55 second side plank, and 58 crunches. I am able to do regular pushups but I take mini breaks in plank. After I reached 40 it really started to get super hard for me. I would be really sore so I decided to do the last few days of the challenge every other day. Does that make sense?? lol. Basically, I take a day off then do the next day :-)

Turbo Fire Day 50 – It’s been a long time since I did Fire45EZ. I almost did the New to Class option but decided that I could figure it out.  I really didn’t remember the routines but I was able to catch on really quickly. This one doesn’t have any Fire drills but it’s still an amazing workout :-) It was so much fun and definitely a favorite now.  I did get a little lost at one point and little out of breath.  I had forgotten how intense these were when you really push yourself.

First run after a week.

I also got back to the Drop10 Challenge from SelfMagazine. I was trying to catch up on the workouts, but the only thing that changes are the cardio workouts. I decided to just do the current workout for me and that was 5K run.  Ben’s schedule is different for this week so I had to do my run later in the day.  I went at an easy pace.  My legs have been really tight because I was out of my Zico and bananas so my potassium intake has been a lot lower.  I swear by Zico.  Ever since I started drinking it – especially after my runs, my calves have not cramped up even after my long runs. And I could feel them quite a bit during and after my run. I’ve been doing PlankADays for the last week.  I ended with a 2 min plank.

Started back up with my PlankADays. 2min on hands.

Meals –

M1 – Chobani Champions Vanilla Chocolate Chunk with chia seeds and almond butter.

M2 – Apple and 5 dark chocolate almonds.

M3 – Egg Salad and Tuna Salad on top of Whole Wheat Bagel Thins w/ spinach. Used plain Chobani greek yogurt to make the salads.  The boys love these salads and I’m so glad that I can make it with greek yogurt instead of mayo.

Lunch for the boys - I had the same thing but on whole wheat bagel thins and minus the cheese sticks. Added tomato slices and spinach on top.

M4 – skipped :-(

M5 – Turkey Meatballs and Grilled Veggies (egg plant and zucchini)

I love these Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini from Trader Joes :-) Very yummy with Turkey Meatballs.

60 oz. of water.

Day 53 – Had to get up a little bit earlier today because Seppe is back in preschool.  Gio is still on break until next week so I knew it was going to be tough getting him up.  I did the Drop10 Toning workout for my bootycall.  I did an extra set and boy does that make a difference.  It gets tougher the third time around :-)

Turbo Fire Day 51 – It was Fire45EZ again today and I had no complaints.  The routines were fresh in my head so I was able to keep up the whole time. I also cranked up the intensity and had a blast the whole time :-) I was suppose to do Stretch10 too but I was running a little late on picking Seppe up so I skipped it.

I was worn out from the Turbo Fire workouts and didn’t feel much like doing an afternoon workout. I kept putting it off. It was rainy and that always makes me just want to stay in bed. I fought the urge to just sit on my butt and headed to the gym for a HIIT workout. I did Drop10 Fat Fryer HIIT on the stationary bike. The intervals were short and it’s easier for me to do it on the bike than on the treadmill.  So thankful to my TIU sister @JulesTones for letting us know about the Seconds Pro app. I now have an interval timer and it worked perfect for my HIIT workout. It was a very short workout only 10 minutes but I was drenched with sweat and could barely feel my butt and legs at the end.  Best of all, I felt great that I did my workout when I didn’t want to :-) Ended with another 2 min plank for PlankADay – this time it was on my elbows.  I will be trying to get back to my 5 minute planks again soon.

Meals – Finally went shopping so I was able to really stay on track today :-)

M1 – Almost forgot to eat breakfast! I was in a rush to get the boys out the door so I grabbed a Luna bar and ate it on the road.

M2 – Shakeology Shake with spinach and frozen pineapple.

M3 – Left over EggSalad on the last of the whole wheat bagel thins w/ spinach and tomatoes and an apple.

M4 – 1/4 c. of raw almonds and yogurt raisins.

M5 – Whole Wheat pasta with a turkey spinach red sauce with peas, squash and zucchini.

Whole Wheat pasta with Turkey and Spinach Red Sauce. Also added squash, zucchini and peas.

60 oz. of water, 1 Zico and 1c of Chamomile Tea.

BeachBody Challenge Day36

I just realized that I’ve been doing this challenge for over a month. lol.  It really doesn’t feel like 36 days have passed. Guess I’m having fun? I really am enjoying doing Turbo Fire. I think that I picked the perfect BeachBody program to do for me.  It’s helped me a lot with training for my races. Exercising isn’t just something I do now. It has become a part of my life and I look forward to my workouts – most of time ;-)

It was another long day.  There aren’t too many people I know that get up at 6:30a on a Saturday – by choice! In order to get my morning workout in, I had to get up early.  Usually I ride my bike 10+ miles but Ben’s dad is visiting and the air mattress is right in the middle of my living room. It doesn’t leave room for me to get my back from the patio and out the front door. I decided to go for a run so I could quietly slip out. I had a mini Luna bar and some water before heading out. The boys actually got up while I was getting ready for my run so I didn’t head out until 7:30a.

Saturday Morning Run

My legs felt heavy during my run but my pace wasn’t too bad. I just felt like I was going super slow for some reason.  I planned on going for a 4 mile run but wound up going 5. I don’t think that I should have gone that far because my knees were not happy with me for the rest of day.  I try to keep my miles lower when I run back to back days.

The rest of the morning belonged to my boys tball games.  My legs were not happy about standing around filming the games. I could have used a nap today but there just wasn’t any “free” time for me.  I even considered skipping my TurboFire workout – but I didn’t :-)

TurboFire Day 34

I’m glad I didn’t skip my workout today. Fire45 is my favorite :-) I was dragging my feet getting to it but I immediately got excited once class started and I heard the music.  I couldn’t wait to do the first combo.  I know that one really well and I can really get into it. I decided to go for the star jacks and tuck jumps even though I was tired. I figured I was already tired, why not make the most of the energy I have left?  I was worn out when I was finished but I was in a good mood. I’m always happier after a good workout. Wonder how long it will take Ben to realize this is the best time to ask when he wants something? lol.

I really didn’t want to do much of anything else but I still had my MadAbs March Day10 and plank to do. I decided that if I’m going to stay up to work on videos and blogs, I must have some energy and there was no excuse for me. I took a break from my computer and did my workout.  The MadAbs challenge is getting a little tougher now.  I am still doing regular pushups but boy is it starting to get hard. I’m trying not to think about how many I’m suppose to do at the end of the month and just take it one day at a time. It’s hard to squash the doubt that I’ll be able to do 45 pushups by the end of March :-/  I will just keep doing my best. Ended with a 2 minute plank.

30 seconds on hands, 30 second tummy tucks, (on elbows) 30 seconds left leg lifted, (on elbows) 30 seconds right leg lifted


M1: mini Luna bar (prerun) and a Starbucks Spinach, egg white, and feta cheese wrap – Ben’s dad is here and he always gets breakfast before I can decline.  Had a Zico to drink.

M2: Strawberries with cocoa almond butter.

M3: I know that Gene (Ben’s dad) means well when he takes us out to eat. I just get tired of it. I am just as happy to cook for everyone. It really isn’t an inconvenience. We went to Red Robin because that’s what the boys wanted. I got the Brushetta Chicken sandwich with no cheese and lettuce wrapped.  It turned out just being put on top of lettuce. Not to mention that it took over a half hour to get our food. It was barely warm. I just ate the chicken, tomatoes and a small amount of the lettuce. Ordered sweet potato fries which were also cold. This was the worse experience we’ve had at our local Red Robin :-(

Brushetta Chicken Sandwich on top of lettuce - no cheese.

M4: Larabar

Snacked on a few Snapea Crisps while making dinner – maybe 10 at the most.

M5: Panko Chicken and Green Beans. I made a double batch because it’s so popular with my boys. It will only last a few days.

Double batch of Panko Chicken - my healthier version of chicken nuggets/chicken tenders.

Lots of green beans with my chicken.

80 oz. of water and 1 Zico.

BeachBody Challenge Day22

It was a Long day today – and not a good one.   Another 4am wake up call – this time bringing the kids with us. Helping Ben get his shoes with these super early mornings have really taken a toll on me. I was exhausted.  Granted, I did have a pretty intense day yesterday. Normally, Saturdays are my Take it Easy day.  I cross train and go for a 10mile bike ride for my bootycall. That didn’t happen today.

After breakfast, I went right back to bed. When I got up, I was still tired and there was so much to do.  The boys were difficult today. Then Ben’s car breaks down and we have to caravan over to the repair shop.  I really wasn’t in the mood to deal with car problems. It’s one thing we didn’t need to happen right now. I’m not too happy that I won’t have a car for the next two days while Ben takes mine for work – not to mention that on Monday I will have to drop him off to work early in the morning so I can have the car for the boys. Ugh!

—————————- Turbo Fire Day 20 ——————————


I had no idea when I was going to be able to workout. A part of me didn’t even want to with the way my day was going.  I made myself do today’s Core20 and Stretch40 workouts before dinner. This time around I tried even harder during the Core20 workout. I kept my feet up during the exercises on the matt – except for during the training camp move.  I could really feel the burn in my abs. My goal is to keep my feet up the whole time. I did the pushups on my feet at the end :-)

The Stretch40 really helped with my stress. I had sent the boys to their room for the rest of the day as punishment for not listening. Even though I could hear them from their room trying to talk me into letting them out, I ignored them and focused on my workout.  I really needed the relaxation phase.  Those few minutes where I just let my mind go was heaven. I also really pushed myself with the stretching.  My left knee is feeling so much better. I was able to work on my flexibility on my left side much more today. I could tell that I had gotten better since the last time I did this workout too.  Getting a little more flexible every time I do it :-)

I wanted to do more workouts. I probably should have done more. But I was falling asleep after putting the boys to bed at 8p. As much as I want to keep pushing myself – I also know that I have to listen to my body. I have been sore All week from my workouts. It’s not so bad that I can’t move, but combined with the lack of sleep, my body is telling me I need to Rest.  The only other thing I did was my plank.  Tonight I did a 2:30 min variation – 30 seconds on elbows, 30 seconds hip dips (that’s what I’m calling it) – where you lower your hips side to side while in low plank, 30 seconds with my right leg raised, 30 seconds with my left leg raised, and 30 seconds back in plank.

Meals –

M1: Starbucks egg white, spinach and feta wrap. It is the only thing I go into Starbucks for.

M2: 2 Clementines

M3: Snapea Crisps with Chunky Olive Hummus.

M4: Air popped popcorn. I was craving it.

M5: Half of my Shakeology, almond butter and banana shake. The other half wound up on the counter :-( I was craving KFC for some reason while I was making my shake. lol.

What A Waste!

What was left was Very Yummy :-)