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BeachBody Challenge Day20

I set my alarm and got up. I was slow to get to my bootycall workout.  My living room was a bedroom for grandma and grandpa so I had to do my workout in my bedroom. I couldn’t decide what to do. I finally just made up something:

20 Squats with a alb medicine ball

20 Bicep curls w/ 5lb weights

20 Deadlifts with Upright rows – 5lbs

10 Regular Pushups

20 Tummy Tucks

Repeated it 3 times.

Then it was time for my busy morning to start. Get the kids ready for school, drop them off, come home to shower, then head back to Gio’s school to chaperone his field trip to the county history museum. I packed my water bottle and a Kind bar so I wouldn’t miss my Meal 2 :-)

The field trip went alright. I am always amazed at the amount of energy kids have. I think they just drain it from us. lol. It was tiring standing around for 2 hours. By the time I got back it was time to get Seppe and make lunch. I fell asleep for a half hour and woke up just in time to pick Gio up from school.

I finally got a chance to workout after doing homework with Gio.

—————————— Turbo Fire Day 18 ——————————


Today it was HIIT15 and Tone30. I’m not sure if there is a specific order I’m suppose to do the workout where I have 2 to do.  I normally would have done the HIIT workout first but Tone It Up had a post on their blog about doing Toning before cardio to help burn fat. So I thought I’d try it today.  I did Tone in 30 first.  This was a new one. Got to use both the resistance band and lower body band. Definitely worked my entire body. I never would have thought that placing the lower body band on my feet and lifting one leg at a time would really work my legs.


Before I did the HIIT workout I did the M100.This is a really great cardio. It’s quick but gets your heart pumping :-) For the HIIT15, I did as mana jumps as I could this time around :-)  I can’ get my legs up as high as they do on the DVD but at least I’m jumping.  My knees have been feeling really great. I made sure not to overdo it though. I felt great. I really hope I can get as intense as they do in DVD. Ending with a 2 min plank.

Meals: Today I had more carbs because I will be going for 7 miles on my run tomorrow and I wanted to make sure I fueled up :-)

M1: Flax plus oatmeal with cocoa almond butter and a banana

M2: Almond Coconut Kind Bar

M3: Orzo, Chicken, Mushrooms, spinach, carrots, and peas sauteed and seasoned with sea salt.

Chicken, orzo, spinach, peas, mushrooms, and carrots

M4: 6 dark chocolate almonds

M5: Whole Wheat pasta with turkey spinach red sauce and peas.


BeachBody Challenge Day19

————————–Turbo Fire Rest Day————————

 Thank goodness it was a Rest Day! I had a very late night last night and had to be up early to help Ben get some super limited shoes. I got two hours of sleep. We had Grandma come to watch the kids but we made it back before they had to get up for school. I could have easily just let Grandma take over and get the boys to school, but I chose to do it myself.  I was trying to keep the boys on their normal routine as much as possible while Grandma was here.  I ate breakfast and I walked Gio to school, walked back home, and then took Seppe to school for his Spring portraits.  Grandma took Seppe out for breakfast and I went back to bed.

I hardly ever take a day where I do absolutely nothing.  I like taking Active Rest days.  I got a few more hours of sleep then got up.  I foam rolled and relaxed for most of the day.  After I picked Gio up from school and helped him with homework, I decided to work out before taking him to his first tball practice of the season :-) My schedule from now is going to be pretty crazy with Both boys in tball.

A friend of mine posted a quick HIIT cardio workout called M-100’s. I decided to give it a try since I was short on time.

(Thanks Shannon for posting this!)

Basically it’s 10 Burpees, 10 Moutnain Climbers (4count), and 10 Squat Jumps 3X with a set of 10 Burpees at the end – which equals 100. It does go by quick and I was breathing hard at the end of it… ok I was breathing hard through most of it. lol. Burpees are just torture but they get the job done. I didn’t go as fast as they did.  I stopped after the squat jumps for 10 seconds to catch my breath before doing the burpees again.

I followed it with two NTC workouts – Better Butt and Core Crunch. These were short 15 minute workouts that focused on the booty and the core.  I’m still pretty sore so it hurt to do pretty much everything – especially in the Better Butt workout. I had a little time left so I do another set of M100’s.  It was harder the second time through. I definitely went slower but I made sure to complete it :-)

Ended with a 2 min plank. My legs are so sore that I could really feel them while I was in plank.


M1 – Chobani Pomegranate with almond butter and granola. Pomegranate is my favorite flavor. Usually the individual sizes are big for me but I’m glad I had it because it was a few hours before I had my snack.

M2: Luna bar – I was hungry after getting up and this helped me not feel so hungry.

M3: Left over Orzo and spinach topped with sautéed chicken, mushrooms and spinach.

Orzo and spinach topped w/ sauteed Chicken, Mushrooms, and Spinach - Sea Salt, Garlic and olive oil for seasoning.

M4: Luna bar – took it to Gio’s tball practice.

M5: Grandma and Grumpy took us out to dinner at Red Robin. I don’t mind this place because I can lettuce wrap any of their burgers and replace the beef patties with Turkey or Veggie patties :-) I ordered the Guacamole Bacon Burger minus the bacon, wrapped in lettuce and with a Turkey patty. Got sweet potato fries with it but I only had a couple bites and didn’t even touch the rest of it.  I was full from my custom Turkey Burger – which I didn’t eat all of either.

Lettuce Wrapped Guacamole Turkey Burger

So now I’m all caught up with my BeachBody Challenge posts! I’m really going to make an effort to do this daily so I don’t have to do some many posts all at once :-)  I leave  you with a little Motivation. A fellow TIU sister tweeted this and I wanted to pass it along: Have Faith and Stay Focused!

Those Who Succeed

BeachBody Challenge Day18

I am so sore from my workouts yesterday!! I set my alarm so I would get up to do a bootycall workout but it just didn’t happen. It’s something that I’m working on getting back to doing regularly. Got a little thrown off from my morning routine because I had to take both Seppe and Ben to the doctor. Turns out Seppe had an ear infection in both ears and needed antibiotics.  Ben had a virus that the doctor’s didn’t really seem to care about.  They didn’t even give him any suggestions on medicines to take. Not too happy about how they treated him. After the doctor’s office we went to the pharmacy to pick up Seppe’s medicine. Paid extra to get it flavored so he would take it without any drama. And yes, it was worth it!

Taking his Antibiotics with a Smile :-)

—————————— Turbo Fire Day 16 ——————————-


Made sure to get this done before having to pick Gio up from school. Today was a new HIIT workout- HIIT25 with Stretch10. 4 workouts 2 times each. Yikes! I tried to push even harder the second time through. I even did a few of the jumps. This went by so fast.  It felt like I started and then it was over.  All the different moves really help make it seem not that long.

I was going to do another NTC workout, but then I saw a post from Tone It Up to do the Lean Legs Pyramid and the Shredmill back to back. I decided to do it for my second workout. It hurt to do the squats and lunges. I always have to take a couple minutes to stretch after the jumping jacks in the Lean Legs pyramid to stretch out my calves.  They get so tight. I do 100 jumping jacks instead of 100 seconds.

Then off to the gym I went to do the Shredmill. Lately, I’ve just been doing the running to help me for my speed training, but I decided to do the complete workout today.  I upped my sprint speed to 8.7mph. Working on getting to 9mph. For the plank I did 45 seconds. It never fails to have me dripping in sweat when I’m done.


That pretty much killed my legs. lol. I could barely move after dinner. I wonder if I’ll be able to walk tomorrow? I love it though cuz I know that I’m really pushing myself.

Ended my day with a 2 minute plank.



M1: Oatmeal with 1 tbsp of almond butter and a banana

M2: 2 Clementines and 6 dark chocolate almonds.

Meal 2 - 6 dark chocolates and 2 Cuties

M3: Shakeology with frozen pineapple, mango, water and ice.

M4: Nut Thins and Olive Tapenade. I count out 1 serving for the Nut Thins (16).

M5: Panko Chicken and Asparagus

Panko Chicken and Asparagus

BeachBody Challenge Day17

 It’s time to weigh in again. Stepped on the scale and… 107.4lbs. Not bad :-) Like I said before. I’m not worried about my weight. But it is nice to see my hard work paying off. I really wanted to start my week off right and push myself this week.  I did take advantage of it being a holiday and slept in a little. After having my breakfast, I started with my Turbo Fire workout.

————————— Turbo Fire Day 15 ————————-

Getting Ready to Workout!

I just realized that I was suppose to do Fire45 EZ today, not the Fire45 class :-/ Lol.  I gotta pay better attention to my schedule. I was not disappointed to do Fire45 again :-)  I think I had even more fun this time around. I cranked up the intensity since I was already pretty familiar with all the moves. I have to say that Chalene can really shake it. lol. I find that when I’m thinking about the moves so much, I do better.  I just listen to music and for her cues and I go with it. I know the mixes are made especially for the DVD but I’d really love to be able to get the mix for this workout.  It’s my favorite! Stretching afterwards always feels great.

I love my NTC app but I haven’t done a workout since I hurt my knee.  I decided to get back to it. When I was doing the NTC workouts while I did my Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 DVD, it really helped get me stronger.  I picked an advanced cardio workout – Transformer. It was 45 min long. I was feeling pretty good for the first bit.  Every exercise is performed for 1 min. It doesn’t seem that bad but after the 3rd round of lunges for a 1 min, my legs were burning. I just kept myself that I can do anything for a 1 minute. That helped get me through the squat jumps.  I was exhausted at the end but I felt great.

Did 2 minutes for my PlankADay.



M1: Chobani black cherry – this was the individual package. These are a little big for me but I eat them when I know I’ll be doing intense workouts. Added half a tbsp of raw almond butter and 1/8 cup of granola.

M2: mini Luna bar

M3: Shakeology with half an apple, water, and ice.

M4: Almond Nut Thins and Olive Tapenade – I love this stuff. I was saving the nut thins for it.

My Favorite: Nut Thins and Olive Tapenade

M5: Oven baked Salmon with left grilled eggplant and zucchini. I warmed the veggies up in the oven this time and it definitely helped crisp them up a little.

Salmon and Grilled Veggies

BeachBody Challenge Day16

I woke up feeling great. I shook off my rough day and started new. Got up had a Luna bar and made it a Runday with a 5K run. My knees not hurting was great.  I know it probably sounds weird that I am always talking about my knees.  But if you’ve ever had knee problems, you know how great it is to be able to do something you love without having to worry about it hurting. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to do back to back runs soon.

——————————— Turbo Fire Day 14 ———————————–


I was looking forward to doing Fire45 again :-) I skipped the breakdowns and went straight to class. This is definitely my favorite Fire workout.  I could just do the first combo over and over again and I’d be happy. I didn’t do too badly either. I was able to keep up for most of it. I realized that I’m better leading with my right than my left… well it doesn’t take me as long to catch on when starting on my right.  When we switch to left is when I get confused. lol. It all seems a little awkward at first but then I figure it out.

Did a 5 minute for my PlankADay.



M1- Lemon Zest Luna Bar

M2: Egg white burrito.

Egg White Burrito

M3: Fruit Salad with mango, pineapple, kiwi, and apples. Got it from Safeway and shared with my boys.

Tropical Fruit Salad

Seppe Loves Apples

Gio's Favorite - Mango

M4: Apples with vanilla yogurt and granola.  Got this for Gio but he only ate half so I finished it for him :-)

M5: Went shopping before dinner and finally restocked my fridge.  Wanted to make something fairly quick and easy and I found some Turkey Meatball and Frozen Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini at Trader Joes.  I took 4 meatballs and loaded up on the veggies.  The directions had me warm it up in the microwave but I think it would have turned out better if I had put in the oven.  They came out a little soggy but tasted great :-)

From Trader Joes



Turkey Meat Balls - also from Trader Joes

My Plate :-)

BeachBody Challenge Day15

All the driving yesterday wore me out. I slept in and was grateful that my boys were able to entertain themselves for a couple extra hours in the morning.  There are days I think about quitting the challenge, and working out all together. Today was one of them.  It is a lot of work to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.  It takes a lot of energy to keep going. Days like these I am very grateful for my Tone It Up team. They help keep me going.  They are all so inspirational, motivating, and supportive.

——————————- Turbo Fire Day 13 ——————————-


I made sure to do my Turbo Fire workout.  Today’s schedule wasn’t going to be too intense.  Core20 and Stretch40.  I actually got an energy boost from doing the Core2o workout.  The Stretch40 really helped me clear my mind. I was able to refocus and remind myself of my goals. I felt really good when I finished my workout.  I had won a mental battle :-)

I did a 5 minute plank to end my night – 1 min on elbows, 1 min on hands, 1 min side plank (each side), 1 min hands

1 min elbows, 1 min hands, 1 min Side Plank (each side), 1 min hands


M1 – Half a Luna bar.  When I get up late, I like to put a little something in my tummy right away since it’s empty longer than usual. I think I was hoping to do a workout too but just got side tracked.

M2 – Other half of my Luna bar.

M3 – Whole Wheat pasta with EVOO and a 1/4 c of parmesan cheese.  Finished off the last little bit of pasta we had.

M4 – I promised my boys I’d take them to see Journey2 today so I packed some grapes for me.  I got dark chocolate raisins as my treat and took a few bites of Seppe’s popcorn.

M5 – I wasn’t too hungry after the movies so I just had an Almond Coconut Kind bar for dinner.

BeachBody Challenge Day14

Today was my dad’s birthday :-) Originally I had planned on leaving the night before with all four of us, but since Ben and Seppe were sick, it was just going to be Gio and me. I decided that we would just leave after lunch today. That way I could get in my workouts for the day.

Boys had the day off from school and it was Ben’s day off too.  This meant I could go for a run. Started with a 2 min plank then went on a 3 mile run. Another really good run without knee pain :-)


—————————- Turbo Fire Day 12 ——————————–

Fire55 EZ

Got back and did Fire 55 EZ. I did better this time around. This is a long workout but it doesn’t feel that way because it is so much fun. The music is great and there is just so much energy oozing from the TV.  I was pretty worn out after I was done though.

After that, it was time to shower and get going.  I knew I wouldn’t be getting any other workouts in because I would spending 5 hours driving with a few hours at my dad’s visiting my family.  It was worth it. I don’t see my family much these days and it was my dad’s birthday so he deserved special treatment.  I had a great time with my dad, grandparents, brother and sister. Gio even behaved very well.

My Handsome Gio dressed up for his Grandpa's Birthday


M1 – Chobani Strawberry with raw almond butter and granola (same portion as yesterday)

M2 – Mini Luna bar

M3- I was on the road driving. I always pack fruit and some snack for me to munch on while I drive to help keep me awake. I have no idea why, but it really helps me.  My lunch was a big batch of grapes and a bag of Snapea Crisps.

M4 – I was still on the road but getting close to my dad’s. I wanted to make sure I was full before I got there because I had no idea what we were having for dinner. I had an Almond Coconut Kind Bar.

M5 – My grandpa made a German dish – I can’t even begin to attempt to spell it. lol.  But it was beer marinated beef with currants and pasta. It was really good and I haven’t had in years. I enjoyed every last bite and even had a small second serving.

My sister made Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for dessert and I took 2 :-) My family is pretty good at cooking. My baby brother told me about putting fresh rosemary inside my olive oil to add some flavor. I can’t wait to try it.

Not the most super Lean and Green days, but I don’t feel guilty at all.  It’s ok to enjoy all the yummy goodies of Life once in a while ;-) Everything in moderation. I think that if I never allowed myself to eat foods I liked, I’d go crazy. lol.